Yetter Hall

  • Two female students are walking on the sidewalk in front of Yetter Hall at CCU.
  • Students are posing in front of Yetter Hall during Weekend of Welcome at CCU.
  • Students are sitting in a kitchen inside Yetter Hall at CCU.
  • The Yetter Cafe is located in Yetter Hall at CCU.

CCU's First New Residence Hall

In August 2014, construction began on Yetter Hall, the second building in CCU's Lakewood campus redevelopment project — a new residence hall to house the rapidly growing student body. Construction was completed in one year, and in August 2015, 300 CCU students moved into their new home on our Lakewood campus.

Yetter Hall will be a place of life change for innumerable students throughout the years, as they live in community and grow closer to Christ.

Yetter Hall features 53 apartment-style units and optional basement storage. In total, the residence hall is 103,000 square feet and holds 300 beds, with a ratio of 2 beds to 1 full bathroom. Additionally, each unit includes a full kitchen with living room and a washer and dryer. Yetter Hall was named after Archie Yetter, a past president of one of CCU’s legacy institutions.

About Archie Yetter

Archie H. Yetter, president of Rockmont College from 1954-1963, was a true servant of Jesus Christ and a gifted teacher and writer. After graduating from Denver Bible Institute in 1928, Yetter pastored churches in Colorado and California and worked devotedly for Colorado Christian University's heritage institutions for more than 50 years. His various positions included radio broadcaster, dean, business manager, vice president, and director of the Bible Institute.

Yetter was also a member of the founding board of Western Bible Institute from 1948-1952. His wife, Betty, and five children supported his ministries with their own energy and talent. President Yetter is remembered for his love of the Bible, his encouraging work with students, and his servant leadership in CCU’s heritage institutions.

Yetter Hall dedication celebration

At Yetter Hall’s dedication on August 19, 2015, Lakewood Mayor Bob Murphy spoke about the importance of Colorado Christian University’s presence to the larger Lakewood community.

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