• Lifestyle Covenant

    Lifestyle Covenant

    Traditional Undergraduate Students

    At CCU, committed Christians have the unique and rare opportunity to join a community of like-minded believers. We practice a lifestyle that is pleasing to Christ and pledge our commitment to that ideal by signing the Lifestyle Covenant.

    The Covenant is grounded in Scripture and sets biblical expectations and guiding principles for how students will live their daily lives as members of a community striving to live in a way that is pleasing to Christ.

    A Higher Standard of Living

    Living in such a community allows you time to develop behaviors that are not only reflective of Christ, but that may help you in overcoming destructive habits from your past. As a part of this covenant, everyone commits to mutual accountability, agreeing that they will intercede when they know a peer is struggling with a behavior or behaviors that conflict with the lifestyle expectations set forth by Scripture and the University.

    The Lifestyle Covenant is a pledge, a promise, a commitment before God and your peers. It shouldn't be taken lightly. It is a way for us as members of the CCU community to show our love and concern for one another. It is a way for us to display our desire to walk alongside one another in times of temptation, sin, struggle, and diversion from a standard of living that glorifies Christ.

    Complete the Lifestyle Covenant Form online.

    *All traditional undergraduate students in the College of Undergraduate Studies are required to sign the Lifestyle Covenant in order to attend Colorado Christian University. By signing this document, students commit to themselves and each other that they will pursue the challenge of living a life defined by a higher standard. Living a life dedicated to biblical principals and standards. Living a life that reflects their Savior.

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    Michaela Smith '18

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    CCU has provided me with a support system of strong Christians who provide accountability in my weaknesses and encouragement in my strengths. CCU is more than a college, it’s a home with a supportive family.
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