Covid-19 Guidelines

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The spring 2022 semester at CCU's Lakewood campus is underway with full in-person instruction.

At Colorado Christian University, we are intentional about building a community of students, faculty, and staff united by a common commitment to Christ. In addition, we are committed to preserving the great advantages of a residential Christian college education at our Lakewood campus, while working to manage risks for our students and employees.

CCU Covid-19 FAQs for Spring 2022

Updated February 2022

Colorado Christian University maintains ongoing contact with Jefferson County Public Health (JCPH) officials to ensure that our Covid-19 plans are consistent with their requirements. See JCPH tips for preventing the spread of Covid-19.

Vaccines and Masks

Is the Covid-19 vaccine required for CCU students, faculty, or staff?

While Colorado Christian University does not currently require on-campus students, faculty, or staff to be vaccinated, the University encourages students and employees to receive a Covid-19 vaccine. CCU offers monthly Covid-19 vaccine opportunities for students during the fall semester, as we do for other common vaccines upon request. Please note that some programs students are involved in off campus may require the vaccine (i.e. some student teaching, nursing clinicals, study abroad, mission trips, ect).

Do students have to wear a mask on campus?

No, as of February 12, 2022, the Jefferson County Board of Health has lifted the mask mandate.

Are there any restrictions on large gatherings?

Most on-campus events, including chapels, are currently scheduled for in-person participation. We will continue to do so as long as local guidelines allow. Per Jefferson County requirements, masks are currently required on campus.

Health Services

If I am experiencing Covid-19 symptoms, or test positive, what do I do?

What if I am sick with symptoms that are not related to Covid-19?

If you need to see the nurse for issues unrelated to Covid-19, please call for an appointment at 303-963-3365 or schedule online.

Does Health Services offer walk-in appointments?

For the time being, we are asking all students who need to see the CCU nurse in Health Services to please make an appointment either by calling 303-963-3365 or scheduling online. This is to help prevent too many people in the health clinic at a time and to allow preparation time for students and their needs. It is possible that when calling, an immediate appointment may be available.

What if I need to miss class due to Covid-19 symptoms or positive test?

Students who have tested positive for Covid-19, are experiencing symptoms of Covid-19, or have been quarantined should complete a required health survey to inform the University so that their name will be placed on the excused list for faculty. Students need to work with faculty regarding make up work. An assigned case manager will initiate a process that will inform faculty that students will miss class and will study remotely as appropriate.

Residence Life

How many students will be assigned to a bedroom?

There is no change in the housing assignment process this year. Two students will be assigned to each bedroom as normal, unless a student has already paid for a single room, or has been approved for a single as an accommodation through the Life Directions Center. Due to the large enrollment this year, some apartments will have an additional student, and all students should already be aware of this situation.

Will I be able to have guests to my apartment?

Yes, normal visitation policies apply.

Is there somewhere I need to go to get my temperature checked?

The University is not conducting health screening. Students are asked to monitor their health and stay home when they are sick.

Can I visit my friend who lives in another building?

Yes, normal visitation policies apply.

How will CCU ensure the residence halls are a safe environment?

Students are responsible for their personal hygiene and encouraged to clean and disinfect all shared surfaces in their apartments.



How many games will be included in the championship season schedule?

At this time, each team is scheduled to play its full schedule of games according to the maximum allowed by the NCAA for each sport.

Is it possible that game schedules will be cancelled for 2021-2022, and if so, what would be the impact upon student-athlete eligibility?

Currently, we are anticipating that the majority of all scheduled games will be played this season. With the anticipation that immunity will be much more widespread among athletes, the likelihood of cancelled games or schedules is reduced.

How will CCU insure my health and safety as a returning student-athlete in the midst of the pandemic?

While CCU will not require athletes to receive the vaccine, we are required by the Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference (RMAC) to test athletes who have not received the vaccine, or who are outside of the 90-day window of having had Covid-19. Additionally, any athlete who displays symptoms of Covid-19 will be required to report and test. CCU will continue to sanitize, and will monitor the health and well-being of each athlete.

School of Music

Will concerts take place?

At this point, we are planning on live concerts taking place. All events will be livestreamed as well. See for event information and tickets.

What will happen if I am in an ensemble?

Ensembles will meet in person and with the full group. Masks will not be required unless the order changes with the state or county. Bell covers will be used for wind instruments.

What if I am in an applied lesson?

Applied lessons will take place in person and masks are not required unless state or county order changes.

What will happen with theatre this year?

The CCU Theatre program will follow a new Covid-19 testing protocol similar to that of Athletics. This means that everyone involved in a show will be required to get a free rapid-test once per week, which is offered in CCU’s Health Services. Follow Health Service’s guidelines for their hours. The rapid-test results are available in 15 minutes or less, and we are requiring that everyone be tested every Wednesday for the duration of the rehearsal/performance schedule. Students who have had Covid-19 in the past 90 days or who are vaccinated are excused from testing.

Visitors to Campus

Will there be any Covid-19 restrictions for visitors to CCU's Lakewood campus?

CCU continues to operate in-person campus visits at our main campus in Lakewood. All visitors are required to check in at the information desk in the Anschutz Student Center or Leprino Hall.