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CCU and Advancement Courses™ Partnership

The CCU and Advancement Courses Partnership is set to expire on December 31, 2023. The following details are only effective through and will no longer be offered after that date.

Courses that have been completed through Advancement Courses™ can be directly transferred into graduate credit toward one of four different graduate degree programs at CCU. Advancement Courses credits are not required for any CCU degree programs. However, Advancement Courses credits are reflected on an official CCU transcript as graduate level credit upon successful completion.

NOTE: Students can no longer register for courses through Advancement Courses and will need to go through Teaching Channel. For more information, please go to

For a full listing of graduate level degree programs, please see the graduate degree programs page.

Get a head start on your degree!

Advancement Courses offers over 200 different courses that can be transcribed through CCU. You can even get graduate level academic credit for over 170 of those courses.

Advancement Course Name

CCU Program Name

A Practical Guide for Supporting English Language Learners
Culturally & Linguistically Diverse Education, M.Ed.

Building Meaningful Partnerships: Connecting Schools, Families, and Communities
Educational Leadership, M.Ed. (Non-Licensure), Educational Leadership, M.Ed (Principal Licensure)

Constructing and Evaluating a Curriculum
Curriculum & Instruction, M.A.

Creating Meaningful Partnerships; Connection Schools Families and Communities
Educational Leadership, M.Ed. (Non-Licensure), Educational Leadership, M.Ed. (Principal Licensure)

Creating Meaningful Relationships and Setting Boundaries with your Students
Curriculum & Instruction, M.A.

Essential Classroom Technology for Teachers
Curriculum & Instruction, M.A.

Fostering Computer Literacy
Curriculum & Instruction, M.A.

Implementing Culturally Responsive Teaching Strategies
Culturally & Linguistically Diverse Education, M.Ed.

Integrating Native and Heritage Speakers in the Language Classroom
Culturally & Linguistically Diverse Education, M.Ed.

Making Curriculum-Driven Technology Decisions
Curriculum & Instruction, M.A.

Strategies for Teaching Multicultural Students
Culturally & Linguistically Diverse Education, M.Ed.

Teaching Reading to English Language Learners
Culturally & Linguistically Diverse Education, M.Ed.

Tech Tools for Teaching and Learning
Curriculum & Instruction, M.A.

The Role of Technology in the Inclusive Classroom
Curriculum & Instruction, M.A.

140 additional courses offered by Advancement Courses are available to be applied toward elective credits. These courses can be found in the Advancement Courses Catalog.
Curriculum & Instruction, M.A. – Alternative Licensing

Advancement Courses submits a student's grade to Colorado Christian University within 7 days of the grade date found in their letter of completion. Grades are recorded by CCU's Registrar within one week of receipt from Advancement Courses. Student transcripts are available immediately after grades are recorded.

Note: No more than 15 credits may be submitted for evaluation and transcription in any given Colorado Christian University semester.

Questions regarding Advancement courses that are recognized by CCU should be directed to the CCU Admissions Support Office at

Graduate Level Education Degree Programs

Transcript Ordering

Once a learner's grade is recorded, CCU will send an email notification to the learner of the recent grade and that the transcript is available to be requested. Please monitor your spam account for this email.

Order Electronic Transcript

If you are a new user, you will need to create a “Learner Account”.

Please note that transcripts will reflect the semester in which the grades are recorded. Please plan ahead if you need a grade recorded in a specific term.

*CCU will send an email notification if you selected Colorado Christian University as a transcription option when you registered for Advancement Courses.

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