CCU’s K-LOVE Scholarship Contest
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The contest entry phase for the Fall 2021 CCU and K-LOVE Scholarship contest has ended. Thank you to the thousands of listeners who entered!

If you entered the K-LOVE Scholarship Contest by September 16, 2021, and have been notified that you meet scholarship eligibility requirements*, your next step is to apply for admission to CCU's College of Adult and Graduate Studies by November 1, 2021. See Contest Rules for all deadlines.

Grand Prize Winners Announced

$10,000 K-LOVE Scholarship Winner
Christopher Ouellet
Torrington, CT

$5,000 K-LOVE Scholarship Winner
Oleksandra Verderame
Levittown, PA

Grand prize winners must respond by phone or email within 14 days of being notified. If a winner does not respond within this time frame, he or she will be removed from grand prize consideration, and an alternative winner will be selected. Winners must meet all eligibility requirements to receive the scholarship.

$1,000 Scholarships for All Eligible* Entrants!

Even if you are not selected as a grand prize winner, you could still be eligible for a $1,000 scholarship toward your associate, bachelor's or master's degree.

Verify your Eligibility for this Scholarship Contest
  • Entrants must be 19 years or older by September 8, 2021, to qualify for the contest.
  • This scholarship contest is not applicable to degree programs in CCU's College of Undergraduate Studies, which offers traditional residential-based programs. (If you are interested in scholarships for traditional undergraduate students, visit the College of Undergraduate Studies Scholarships page.)
  • Students who are eligible for CCU's reduced military tuition rate will not be eligible for this scholarship contest.
  • The contest is for new students only:
    • Students who have completed any course through CCU's College of Adult and Graduate Studies (CAGS) or CCU Online prior to September 8, 2021 are not eligible for this scholarship contest.
    • Students who are actively registered in a course when the contest starts on September 8, 2021 are not eligible for this scholarship contest. (i.e., If you haven't completed a course but are actively registered to start, you are not eligible.)
    • Students who are actively attending a class prior to September 8, 2021 are not eligible for this scholarship contest. (i.e., If your first class started August 23, 2021 — which you haven't completed — you are not eligible.)
  • Graduate students with a conferred CCU bachelor's degree are eligible for this scholarship, provided they have not enrolled in any graduate-level coursework at CCU after their undergraduate degree was completed and prior to September 8, 2021.
  • Entrants must meet CCU admission requirements for their academic program to qualify for a scholarship.
See Contest Rules for a complete list of eligibility requirements.