MBA Curriculum, Program Emphases, and Certificates

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MBA Curriculum

CCU's MBA curriculum includes 13 courses designed to develop effective, ethical leaders. Each course is typically taken over a five-week time period, and the entire program can be completed in as little as 18 months. Weekly assignments are required, but the course design generally allows participants to complete coursework at the times and places that work best for them (prior to scheduled deadlines).

CCU students utilize Blackboard Learn, a leading solution in electronic education, to participate in MBA classes that blend the latest in eLearning technology with the latest business theory and practice. Students in this master's in business program attend classes electronically, do research using the Internet, exchange email, and participate in online discussions. Assignments and tests are submitted online for in-seat students as well as those taking their program online.

MBA Emphases

MBA students must select a required emphasis in Leadership, Advanced Accounting, Enterprise Agility, Healthcare Administration, or Project Management.

Highlighted courses

Students are required to complete 13 courses for the Master of Business Administration. Some of the foundational courses include:

  • Human Resources Management (BUS 530). Human capital is at the core of every organization. Successful managers fully connect and commit to their people in creating value. This course will explore the critical link between human resources and organizational strategy in theory and practice by focusing on key elements of strategic human resource management.
  • Economic Analysis and Policy (ECO 601). This course is designed to examine the impact of macroeconomic influences. Determinants of trade balances, inflation and employment rates, and monetary/fiscal policy in economic growth are assessed. Attention is given to descriptive and normative aspects of economic structure and growth within the context of bi-national and multi-national agreements.
  • Legal Issues in Management (LAW 501). This course reviews concepts of business and employment law to include: human resource matters; the use of technology and intellectual property rights; entity formation, taxation, finance, Uniform Commercial Code, contracts, privacy, consumer rights, and trans-border issues.
  • Values Aligned Leadership (LED 510). This course provides an overview of the classic historical and philosophical views of leadership and ethical theories within a framework for evaluating organizational leaders’ decisions and actions. Case studies are integrated with a theoretical model for values-aligned leadership and provide practice relevant examples for effective ethical leadership practices, overlaid with a biblical understanding of God’s nature and human nature from a Christian worldview.
  • Leading in Intercultural Business Environments (LED 515). This course provides the student with an overview of leading and conducting business in a variety of international business cultures including the impact of geography and cultural distance; how these differences impact markets, products, finance, and human resource management; why people around the world engage in different business practices; and the effect of the advancement of technology on international business.

MBA graduate certificates

Graduate students may complete an MBA certificate program, offered in conjunction with their MBA degree:

  • Health Care Administration Certificate — Designed for students who already have a position of leadership and management in health care but are new to health care systems, regulations and industry expectations; or for those who already possess an MBA but are interested in working in the health care industry.
  • Leadership Certificate — Provides students with leadership skills that emphasize biblical principles related to organizational leadership. Students then have the option to choose either an international focus or one that explores values-aligned leadership.
  • Project Management Certificate — Provides students with the skills required to plan, analyze, and evaluate project performance and associated risk to gain competitive advantage.

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