• Capetown South Africa
      CCU MBA students explored Cape Town, South Africa as part of the 2009 MBA travel course. The students gained insight into the local market from leaders in construction, communications, and packaging industries.
    • Auckland
      The ten day trip to New Zealand in 2012 provided CCU MBA students with unparalleled access to CEOs, and behind-the-scenes views of everything from a livestock improvement corporation to an outdoor gear distributor.
    • England
      The 2011 London and Dublin trip gave students the opportunity to meet with leaders from companies such as Harrods, Lego, the Bank of England, the Irish Development Society, and the Scotch Malt Whiskey Society.
    • HongKong
      The 2010 MBA trip to Hong Kong gave students an exclusive look into the Chinese market with private presentations from the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, Hong Kong Monetary Authority, and the Hong Kong Exchanges & Clearing Limited.
    • BMW Headquarters in Munich
      In 2008, MBA students traveled to Frankfurt and Munich, Germany where they visited business titan BMW, the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, and the European Central Bank. Students also enjoyed a visit to the fabled Neuschwanstein (Cinderella) Castle.
    • Forbidden City in Beijing China
      During the 2007 MBA trip to China, students enjoyed private company visits as well as immersion in local culture including a traditional tea ceremony, a visit to a local church, and surveying the Forbidden City.
  • MBA International Trip – Global Marketing Travel Course

    Students in CCU's general MBA program have the opportunity to experience global marketing dynamics firsthand by taking the three-credit travel course called Leading in Intercultural Business Environments (LED 515). This course addresses the challenges of marketing in an increasingly global business climate. Central to this course is a trip to one or more countries where students experience market dynamics like language and market entry barriers, religious and political practices, and technological challenges in a dynamic environment. Previous trips have included destinations to places like China, Germany, South Africa, New Zealand and Taiwan.

    During the trip, students spend time interacting with professionals in various corporate and university environments. Class discussions cover issues regarding the effects of governments and economies, international marketing and entrepreneurship, business protocol, global networking, and ethnocentric vs. geocentric corporations. Students are required to complete some advance preparation and post-travel assignments for successful completion of the course. For many MBA students the international trip is a highlight of their graduate school experience.

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