• Blackboard – CCU’s Learning Management System for Online Classes

    The Blackboard learning management system is used by students in CCU’s College of Adult and Graduate Studies to take classes online. Blackboard online education enhances the student learning experience by providing an intuitive interface for online courses, and more dynamic course content that combines text-based materials with rich media – such as videos – expanding what students see and experience in their courses.

    Here is an example of what you will see when you log into Blackboard online for adult studies online learning:

    Blackboard course landing page

    Student Dashboard

    As an online student, the Student Dashboard is your “home page” in Blackboard. The Dashboard is personal to each student, and is made up of individual boxes called modules. Modules on the Dashboard are designed to help organize information, and links, and gather information from all of the courses that you are enrolled in.

    Course Dashboard

    Each course you take in the Blackboard learning management system also has a Course Dashboard with modules. Each course has a Course Menu to help navigate the content in the course. This dashboard provides basic course information including the syllabus, faculty contact information, due dates and grades, etc.

    Online Discussions

    With Discussions are an important part of all online classes, as it simulates traditional classroom discussions. Online discussions allow students and instructors to post comments, react to other’s comments, and respond to ideas shared by anyone in the course. In a typical discussion, the instructor will pose a topic or series of topics for discussion. Discussions appear in the timeline format made popular by Facebook.

    Submitting Assignments

    Using Blackboard for online classes makes it easy for you to find the Assignments for your course. Each assignment will have instructions on how to complete the assignment and specific due dates. When an assignment is completed by the student, they typically just upload the file to Blackboard to submit it to their professor.

    Blackboard Mobile App

    Blackboard also provides a mobile app that allows students to check updates, watch video, or receive notifications on their smartphones.

    Want to find out more about online education at CCU? View our Online Degree Information for answers to frequently asked questions.

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