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Can we trust the government with the death penalty?

I shall ask for the abolition of the punishment of death until I have the infallibility of human judgment demonstrated to me. -Gilbert du Motier, Marquis du Lafayette (yes, that one)

I find that I am essentially for the death penalty in theory, but against it in practice. That’s one of those statements that is in danger of meaning nothing, like “supporting the troops but not the war.” In this case, however, I understand my position well enough to use such a platitude with my eyes wide open. […]

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The enduring tension that is modern conservatism

The preeminent conservative intellectual forum called the Philadelphia Society devoted its recent meeting to exploring the roots of its philosophy, especially conservatism’s mid-20th century rebirth at National Review magazine under William F. Buckley, Jr. and Frank Meyer. Discussants could not ignore an important fact: that the modern conservative movement was born bearing a revealing quirk. […]

At the intersection of race and poverty

(Centennial Fellow) When I was in law school, I had the privilege of working at the Institute on Race & Poverty. IRP was focused on issues that were found at the intersection of race and poverty. IRP recognized that while race and poverty were concerns independent of each other, when they intersected, it raised a different and more complex set of concerns. I appreciated that perspective as a law student, but as a professional and a community member, the realities of that perspective have deepened over time. […]

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Elections in Anglosphere surprise — and alarm

Two elections recently took place within the Anglosphere — both with rather startling, and quite opposite, results.

Despite extensive prognostication to the contrary, Great Britain granted David Cameron’s Conservatives a victory — a majority at that. […]

Achievement: Why are we afraid?

(Centennial Fellow) May is the month for most high school and college graduations across the U.S.  Commencement exercises mark a key milestone in the life of the student.   For some it’s the end of their formal education, for others a marker toward the next educational or professional milestone, and for all, it’s the start of the rest of their lives.  Whatever the context, graduation certainly is worth celebrating.  But in the United States, graduation progressively has become more about being “done” and getting that diploma, rather than recognition of achievement and educational advancement.  The term achievement has progressively become less “PC” in American lexicon, and the idea of advancing in education has become less accepted.  The result is a decline in educational motivation and mobility in America.  And the consequences of that decline can be significant for not only students but for our American society as a whole. […]

Is overcoming white privilege achievable?

(’76 Contributor) I was intrigued by a statement from Christopher Torres, a faculty member at Ohio State University at Mansfield. Mr. Torres stated that, “The world is normalized to be White” (Arnett, 2015). Mr. Torres further asserts that unless someone has “lived experiences of being on the short end of the privilege”, efforts to understand those affected by White privilege are in essence futile. I perceive these statements to be cataclysmic because they offered, at best, marginal hope that non-white populations will have an opportunity to engage in American society. […]

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Sexual revolution is cultural suicide

(By Phil Mitchell, CCU Faculty) It is astonishing the number of values we inherit from Western Christian culture but remain oblivious to their origins. Progressive/Leftists decry the mistreatment of women, apparently unaware that the equality […]

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How to celebrate May Day

Celebrate May Day by trying to comprehend millions casualties of government planning during the Chinese “famine”.

Celebrate May Day by renewing your drivers license and marvel at the inefficiency of collectivized workforce.

Celebrate May Day by taking […]

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Thoughts on woman power

A powerful woman versus a woman in power: which one are you, which one is she? Let’s explore, shall we?

Since the beginning of time women have had an exceptional gift of influence, leadership and compassion. […]

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Trading places: Pacific pact tests political alliances

President Barack Obama finds himself in unfamiliar — and uncomfortable — territory. In working out a Pacific trade deal, the president is surrounded in general agreement by Republicans even as the Democratic base — among […]

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