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America Tested: Exam Questions for 2016 Voters

(By John Andrews, Centennial Fellow)  A presidential campaign puts the country through a rugged exam.  It tests the candidates against each other, this year Donald Trump versus Hillary Clinton.  

What is really holding American workers back?

(By Helen Raleigh, Centennial Fellow) Even though the official unemployment rate fell below 5%, most of us who live in the real world know better: there are still an estimated 30 million Americans who have

It’s not about bathrooms

(By Joy Overbeck, '76 Contributor) It’s about “fundamentally transforming” America -- replacing the cultural influence of church and parents with governmental decrees. Remember when you were a kid and you had a same-sex best friend? The two

Brexit-Yes or No: European Union at crossroads

(Sedona, AZ) On June 23rd the British people will vote to Leave or Remain within the European Union (EU). This will be the most important election held in Europe since the end of the Second

Make all immigrants disavow holy war

(By John Andrews, Centennial Fellow)  If I am to be a guest in your home, you’re entitled to an assurance that I won’t hurt anyone or break anything while staying there, right?  That’s only fair, especially if the would-be guest grew up in a bad neighborhood around people with anger-management issues.

Embracing ObamaCare caused Colorado budget crunch

(By Mark Hillman) The newest dubious justification for weakening Colorado's limits on government spending is "our aging population." The spending lobby seeks to frighten senior citizens by telling them that the Taxpayers Bill of Rights

Ten reasons I switched to Trump

(By John Andrews, Centennial Fellow) Buckle up, America.  It’s one of those times that try men’s souls. In a few months we have to choose between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump as chief executive of our government and leader of the free world.  A third choice is less likely than a comet hitting you.  We have those two options, period. So what to do?

Brexit and beyond: Why Americans should support British exit from the European Union, and what could come next

(By James C. Bennett, Centennial Fellow) Americans in the year 2016 have to date been understandably preoccupied by their own Presidential primary election process. However, in June of this year an election will take place with

How to celebrate May Day

(By Helen Raleigh, Centennial Fellow) Celebrate May Day by lighting a candle, commemorating the millions of casualties of Mao's quest to establish a socialist paradise in China. History has taught us that absolute economic equality

Ted Cruz is not even partly dead

(By Joy Overbeck, '76 Contributor) Since Trump’s entirely predictable sweep of the liberal Republicans in the Eastern primaries, the conservative as well as liberal media under the banner of “Trump the Inevitable” have been endlessly repeating their