• 2016 Presidential Contenders Lining Up to Address WCS15

    Scott Walker, Ben Carson, Mike Huckabee, Rick Santorum & More
    For Them, the Invisible Primary * For You, the Invaluable Opportunity

    Western Conservative Summit 2015

    June 26-28 * Denver * "Your Story: Freedom Alive"

    Sixth Annual Rally on the Right • Bigger & Brighter Than Ever
    All Under One Roof at the Colorado Convention Center!
    3 Days, 20 Speakers
    30 Workshops, 100 Exhibitors
    4000 Delegates, adds up to:

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    WCS panel

    From Summit Chairman John Andrews: I think Allen West put it best: "Western Conservative Summit has become the premiere summer destination for Americans who still believe in freedom, family, faith, and the future."
    Coming off the political wave of 2014, heading into the early rounds of 2016, we invite you to the most exciting Summit yet.  You've never been to a weekend with more stars, more sizzle, more learning, more networking, and more altitude. 
    We expect all the presidential contenders on the right to pay us a call. How can they not? We also welcome back hundreds of students for the pre-summit event, Young Conservatives Leadership Conference II with Hugh Hewitt. 

    Stellar Speakers Confirmed and Invited

    Scott Walker1
    Ben Carson
    Rick Santorum
    Carly Fiorina1
    Mike Huckabee1
    Rick Perry
    Katie Pavlich1
    Hugh Hewitt1
    Arthur Brooks1
    David Horowitz1
    Kirsten Powers
    Susana Martinez1
    Ted Cruz1
    Marco Rubio1
    Rand Paul1
    Chris Christie
    Bobby Jindal1
    Jeb Bush


    And back again, for every student you know:


    “We're a City on a Hill”

    A week at CCU with Hugh Hewitt, June 21-26, 2015
    Conference Ticket Includes Summit Ticket

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