• Conservative Persuasion Bootcamp

    Take a Dare: Try the Engage 2 Win Persuasion Bootcamp

    Sunday, July 28, 1:30 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.

    Colorado Convention Center

    $25 Additional Registration Fee if already registered for the Summit, $10 for under 30’s.
    Now Open to the Public * Same Fees

    Engage2WinFeeling battered by the drumbeat of opinion that casts you and your mainstream views as extreme and intolerant? Tired of letting verbally maladroit political leaders speak for you and your politics? Want to become more effective at communicating the appeal of liberty and limited government? Centennial Institute and the Engage 2 Win training team present an interactive workshop with practical tools and personal coaching to help you do just that.

    After a full Summit weekend of "inhaling" the information and arguments that back up what you believe, this workshop is your chance to "exhale" in lively dialogue with fellow conservatives. You'll get tips on how to win the debate and be likable while you're at it. You'll practice persuading your unconvinced neighbor, squishy co-worker or wayward nephew in role-plays that use language they can hear -- all done in small groups of others who join you in wanting to be more effective.

    The Engage 2 Win learning objective is to equip each attendee, by active participation, with knowledge, skills, and attitudes for winsomely vindicating with our fellow citizens America’s founding principles. This format and content have been delivered and fine-tuned all over Colorado since it was first piloted a year ago. Hundreds have been equipped and made more confident. It’s fun, fascinating and practical. Stick around for this engaging experience. You’ll be glad you did!