Conservative Persuasion Bootcamp IV

Arthur BrooksFeeling battered by the drumbeat of opinion that casts you and your mainstream views as extreme and intolerant? Tired of letting verbally maladroit political leaders speak for you and your politics?

Want to become more effective at communicating the appeal of liberty and limited government? Centennial Institute presents an interactive workshop with practical tools and personal coaching to help you do just that.

Conservative Persuasion Bootcamp is designed to equip each trainee, by active participation, with knowledge, skills, and attitudes for winsomely vindicating with our fellow citizens America’s founding principles.

Centennial Institute moderators Melanie Sturm, Antonette Smith, and Krista Kafer will lead the session with persuasion lessons on video by Arthur Brooks of the American Enterprise Institute. We'll then plunge into roundtable practice exercises where participants will learn by doing. This called Bootcamp IV since it has been offered three times before with rave reviews: May 3 in Colorado Springs, July 28 in Denver, and August 16 in Aspen.

The Conservative Persuasion Bootcamp is $25, and for under-30s it's just $10. Light refreshments are included. It will be held at the Garfield County Commissioners' Meeting Room, 108 8th Street, Glenwood Springs CO 81601.

Purchase tickets online, or phone 303-963-3424 for a will-call reservation.


Glenwood Springs, Colorado
Garfield County Commissioners' Meeting Room, 108 8th Street, Glenwood Springs, CO 81601

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