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Dual Credit High School FAQs

Dual Credit High School FAQs

Questions About Dual Credit for High Schools

A Dual Credit program with Colorado Christian University can give your high school students the opportunity to earn credit for college before they graduate! If you are a high school and you're interested in partnering with CCU, find answers to commonly asked questions about dual credit below.

What is the deadline for submitting a Dual Credit course for approval?

  • Spring course applications must be received no later than November 15.
  • Summer course applications must be received no later than March 1.
  • Fall course applications must be received no later than May 15.

What teachers are eligible to teach a Dual Credit course?

Preferred Dual Credit Faculty Requirements:

  • Master’s degree or higher in content area/related field
  • Master’s degree or higher in education or a related field or plus 18 graduate credit hours in content area

Please contact CCU’s Dual Enrollment department for additional criteria used to approve faculty members.

Is CCU accredited?

Colorado Christian University is fully accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

Where will CCU credit transfer?

Because CCU is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission, our credits transfer to many colleges and universities nationwide. Institutions differ on how they accept both AP and dual credits and can vary from year-to-year. Students should contact higher education institutions of interest regarding credit transfer, prior to registering for a dual credit course.
 CCU will not offer refunds for course credits that do not transfer to institutions.

What are the student registration dates?

Visit our student calendar for current registration dates.

How are the courses transcripted?

When the CCU Dual Credit department receives final grades from the high school, they are posted to the student’s transcript. The transcript will have CCU’s course equivalency and the student’s letter grade.

Students are responsible for ordering their transcripts to be sent to higher education institutions of interest, and may request transcripts.

If the student is placing their order before final grades have been posted, they should indicate on their order that they wish to have their transcript held until current semester grades are posted.

What students are eligible for dual credit?

CCU leaves this up to the individual high school to decide which students are eligible for dual credit courses. Dual credit students are usually academically high achieving sophomores, juniors, and seniors.

Is there a requirement or limit to the number of dual credit courses a student can take in a semester?

There are no restrictions set by CCU on how many dual credit courses a student can enroll in while they are attending high school.

How does a high school apply for dual credit?

High schools submit an application form for each course they wish to qualify for dual credit. Applications should include:

  • School instructor’s CV and unofficial transcripts for all undergraduate and graduate level coursework
  • Information regarding the school instructor’s professional development
  • A comprehensive course syllabus

We recommended using the application checklist to make sure you submit a complete application.

Is there a fee for high schools to enroll in the dual credit program?

There is no fee for high schools to offer CCU dual credit courses. Students pay $200 per course. Lab sessions are included with the lecture portion of a dual credit science course.

How are students’ grades submitted?

The CCU Dual Credit Department will contact the high school upon completion of the school year in order to give instructions for submitting grades. CCU asks that yearlong courses have the two semester grades averaged. Below is CCU’s grading scale. Please submit letter grades.

GradeQuality PointsPercentageComment
A4.093.3–100%exceptional quality
B3.083.3–86.5%commendable quality
C2.073.4–76.6%acceptable quality
D1.063.4–66.6%below average passing
D-0.760–63.3%no credit for CCU program requirements
F0.0Below 60%failing no credit

Who do I direct students to for questions on the dual credit program?

Students may contact the Dual Credit office at 303-963-3029 or with any questions.