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Dual Enrollment Team

Dual Enrollment Team

Meet CCU's Dual Credit Representatives

Office hours are Monday-Friday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Main contact for students:


Phone: 303-963-3029

Britt Snyder portrait

Phone: 303-963-3041
Fax: 303-301-6041

Britt Snyder

Dual Credit Representative - Colorado

Britt holds a M.A. Counseling – Clinical Mental Health and School from Denver Seminary and a bachelor’s degree in studio art from Baylor University. Britt serves all high schools in the state of Colorado.

Lauren Allen portrait

Phone: 303-963-3062
Fax: 303-301-6062

Lauren Allen

Dual Credit Representative Western Region

Lauren holds a B.A. Liberal Arts from Colorado Christian University. She has experience in secondary education, guiding students to academic success in all subject areas.

Christina Lanskey portrait

Phone: 303-963-3031
Fax: 303-301-6031

Christina Lanskey

Dual Credit Representative Southeast Region

Christina holds a B.A. Psychology from Whitworth University. She has experience in secondary education from working in a college-preparatory high school where she was involved in motivating students toward success. Christina serves all Northern Colorado schools, Southern Texas schools, and Southeast U.S. schools.

Gaia Altshuler portrait

Phone: 303-963-3322
Fax: 303-301-8322

Gaia Altshuler

Dual Credit Representative Midwest/New England Region

Gaia holds a B.A. Communication and Psychology from the University of Denver. She serves high schools in the following states: Oklahoma, Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Massachusetts, Vermont, New York, New Hampshire, and Maine.

Christa Byrne portrait

Phone: 303-963-3029
Fax: 303-963-3001

Christa Byrne

Dual Enrollment Administrative Assistant

Christa brings expertise in client services and office management, as well as a heart for problem solving. She assists in registration, school communication, student and parent information, transcript and 1098T inquiries, and the daily operations of the Dual Enrollment program.