Partner with ECS to Develop the Next Generation of Workers

Thank you for your interest in using Colorado Christian University's Employment and Career Services (ECS)! ECS functions quite differently than most college career offices, but we believe these distinctions enable us to best serve employers like you. We want to earn your trust so that we become a source of talent that you come back to year after year. ECS values serving students, alumni, and employers.

You have an opportunity to be a part of developing workers who will positively contribute to the community and your company. Have questions on the Employment and Career Services process? Please contact ECS at

Email Today!

New Employers

Please email a brief description of your organization and a copy of your job or internship descriptions to the Director, Diana Harrison. You will then be directed to the next step in the process.

Returning Employers

If you are a returning employer and have any questions, please email the Director, Diana Harrison, and she will assist you with your specific needs.

Employer FAQs

How quickly will someone return my inquiry?

Our ECS staff will return your inquiry within 1-2 business days.

Can I advertise my positions to other departments at CCU?

Once an organization has been approved, we will post a position without the name of the employer so that students can view the opening, we call this a "Blind" post. Once a student or alumni meets with our staff and is determined they are qualified for the position the organization and contact information will be given directly to the candidate. Why does ECS do this? Simply, we want to ensure you only interview candidates that meet or exceed your job qualifications and this is how we can do just that!

*Once a position has been filled, we ask that you let us know so that we can remove it from our job opportunities.

What is your average pay for part-time positions?

It depends on the type of jobs, skills, and experience needed for the position. On average, our employers pay between $14-$17/hr for entry-level, part-time positions.

Do I have to pay these candidates?

Yes, ECS only accepts PAID positions. One of our primary objectives is to provide opportunities for students to earn income that will help them pay for school and decrease their student debt.

Once I hire a candidate, what is your role between our organization and the student?

After a student is hired, we bow out of the process. You know how to run your organization better than we do, and we leave you to do so. After approximately 90 days we may ask for an update on the student's performance.

How does the interview process work?

After we send a candidate to you, we let you reach out to the student directly to set up an interview. High quality candidates won't last long. We strongly suggest contact the candidate as soon as possible to set up a future interview date and time. If we are helping you fill a large quantity of openings, we may schedule a date and time when you can interview candidates here at the ECS office.

How does the referral process work?

After we have received your inquiry, our team will market the position and choose one or more qualified candidates. We will send those candidates directly to you with a resume.

Why Employers Hire CCU Students

  • Right On Learning

    "We have been fortunate to employ CCU students as tutors at one of our high school partners. The tutors work with students during class and assist the teachers with keeping kids focused and engaged to ensure that no one falls behind." — Tany Elissa & Alexa Garrid, Co-Founders and Owners


    "FORBIS, LLP prides itself on a strong work ethic, integrity, and unmatched client service. We have found that CCU accounting students in the ECS program are a great fit with these attributes." — Jodie Cates, Managing Director

  • Real Property Management

    "Through our partnership with ECS, our business has employed CCU students and graduates who have consistently demonstrated high levels of integrity, work ethic, and professional skills that allow our company to compete every day in the marketplace at highly competitive levels." — Jeff Bacheller, CEO

  • General Air

    "Hiring talent is the most important task a business leader can do. Without question, our business has been blessed by bringing Colorado Christian University graduates into our work family." — Brad Armstrong, President