ECS Career Resources

Resources to Help you Prepare for Your Career

At ECS, we provide professional development training, which includes helping you create and revise your professional resume. We use a recommended template for all students for branding purposes. If you go through ECS, we encourage you to use the template provided below! Your resume reflects you, so put the work to demonstrate your brand! Check out our resume guides, templates, and instructional video to get you started. Once you are done with your resume, contact ECS and we will be happy to critique it!

Download the appropriate Word document below, then edit and personalize it with your own information.

Resume Tools

  • Limited Experience General Resume Template — Resume for students with little or no work experience. Only freshmen should list their high school on the resume. After freshman year, ECS does not recommend putting high school on resume.
  • Related Experience Template — Resume for students with 1+ years of related work experience.
  • Major Specific Resume Templates — Industry specific Resumes can help you stand out from the competition. Visit CCU Connect (student login required) to find the resume for your major.
    • Formula for a Winning Resume — Read this article before you start writing your resume so you will be ready to implement for each job description. After you complete your resume draft, double check each statement for all three elements of the formula.
  • Resume Checklist — Use this checklist after you have completed your first draft of your resume to make sure you have all the elements needed for a professional resume.
  • Applicant Tracking Systems — Learn all about Applicant Tracking Systems and everything you need to know about getting your resume through robotic systems used by companies to filter out top candidates for job opportunities. 
  • Video
  • Extra Tips

Cover Letter and References

Interview Tips

  • Answers to Behavioral Questions in an Interview — Check out this video to learn best techniques for answering interview questions that will set you apart from the competition.
  • Two-way Video Tutorial — This video shows you best practices if you have a digital interview with a company representative.
  • One-way Video Tutorial — Watch this video to learn best practices for one way videos, which require that you will digitally record your answers to specific interview questions without any live employer interaction.

Other Resources

  • Personal Finance — This is a great resource to help you learn about becoming financially savvy, managing your money and making informed financial choices
  • Emotions at Work — Listen to this Ted Talk about learning to embrace emotions at work and what to share and what not to share with colleagues.
  • Career Videos — Are you curious about what different occupations entail? Check out videos on specific occupations to learn what "a day in the life" looks like for people in that industry and occupation.