Employer Relationships

First and foremost, employers are treated as the client for EMS. We engage on a personal level with our employers to foster highly functioning and beneficial relationships. We know this works, because without any advertising, EMS has grown from three employers to over 200 employers. 

The Matching Process

For our Premier Employers, we emphasize finding student and alumni candidates who are a good fit for the jobs offered by our partnering employers. For us, the matching process needs to fit on all sides to be truly successful. Because we work directly with employers, we are able to match our candidate’s needs and skills with the businesses that will be the best fit for both the student, as an employee, and the employer.


For our Premier Employers, the EMS staff meets in-person or virtually with each of our candidates before going through the matching process — which may include reference checks in addition to professional development. We value our employer relationships and want all of our placements to be a success.

EMS serves students in all majors and class levels to find a position that will set them up for success in attaining a college degree as well as success in their future career field.

We’re helping change the future for CCU students and Colorado employers one placement at a time, and we invite you to join us today!

If you are a student looking to get involved or an employer looking for great talent, contact us today to learn more.

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    Our students don’t settle for “good enough,” they seek to offer only the best in their employment.

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    We work to develop solid relationships within our employer partnerships.