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CCU cares about you and has professionals in the EMS office that can assist you as you navigate your professional career.

We are here to assist CCU College of Undergraduate Studies alumni in gaining meaningful employment, at various professional career levels and industries. EMS also has the capability to pull employer connections throughout the Unites States, within a five-mile radius of where you live, saving you time on research and identifying potential employers. Since 2010, EMS has built relationships with 200+ Premier Employers, allowing for guaranteed interviews with our vetted candidates. The resources are here for you and so are we!

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$5,000 Alumni Scholarship

As an alumnus of Colorado Christian University or one of our heritage institutions, you may qualify for a $5,000 scholarship to earn your master's or doctorate degree at CCU! You can save up to 30% on tuition and complete your degree in as little as 15 months.

Alumni EMS Testimonials

  • Alexa Arends '21 — Business, B.S.

    "EMS connected me with a local non-profit that needed help with data analytics and starting up their website. EMS negotiated a remote position and helped me prepare for the interview, and my employer was thankful to have a pre-screened candidate. I love the work I'm doing, and web design, marketing, and data analysis will be valuable additions to my resume!"

  • Keaton Helm '20 — CIS, B.S.

    "After graduating from CCU, I went to work full time as a systems developer with Crazy Scrubs, a company that EMS placed me with as a student. The classroom is important, but there is truly something unique about solving problems in the real world. I would not trade my experiences working while in school for anything."

  • Precious Moua '21 — Business, B.S.

    "EMS helped me find a job in the last two months of my senior year, helping me with my resume, conducting mock interviews, and directing me towards the right job to start my career. Now I am the office manager at Grey Matters Neurofeedback, working closely with the owners, helping them run their business. I would have never found this job opportunity without EMS."

  • Jacob Rippey '16 — Business, B.S.

    "EMS helped perfect my resume, helped with mock interviews, and opened doors to incredible companies. Every job that I found through EMS led to valuable experience that has given me a competitive edge in the market. I never imagined that working in three different industries would set me up so beautifully for my current position."

  • Hannah Jones '16 — Business, B.S.

    "EMS has been a key ingredient in landing some of my most pivotal roles, both when I was an undergraduate student and after moving back to the Denver area. The job market can be intimidating, but the EMS staff was able to help me identify a strategy that resulted in a full-time role that I’m excited to be a part of."

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