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With the baby boomer generation exiting the workforce, the responsibility falls on employers to actively recruit the next generation.

However, few small and medium-sized businesses have the necessary programs to train new recruits. Each employee faces years of learning until they can be a productive contributor to their company’s bottom line. This is a problem.

Founder and CEO of TriFit Business Development, Mike Shannon, discusses this issue:

“Millennials and upcoming generations do not automatically feel committed to stay with their first employer for a long time. Insufficient training, mentoring, and the lack of a clearly defined career path can quickly lead to their searching for a better work environment.

So why should you hire them and live through their learning curve, only to have them leave once they become productive?

The answer is because you have no choice. If you want to have sufficient staff to continue growing your company 10 years from now, your only option is to bring in new blood.

The key is to not hire just anyone, but instead, place the right people in the right seats straight out of the gate. Furthermore, you can accelerate their learning by giving them training in their first six months. This cuts a year off of their learning curve.

Faster productivity for them means a quicker return on your investment, greater job satisfaction, and accelerated career patching, which will keep those millennials around longer — and keep you in business longer.”

How EMS Works

Thank you for your interest in Colorado Christian University’s Employment Management Services. If you are an employer looking to hire highly recommended students and alumni, then you’ve come to the right place!

EMS is looking for personal, long-term partnerships with our employers. As a result, we do not utilize job boards or large online application systems.

Step 1: Inquiry

Please read our EMS Employer Partnership Agreement to make sure EMS is a fit for you! The attached document will walk you through the parameters of program and together we will decide if a partnership would be mutually a good fit for your organization and for our program.

Step 2: Connect

After you have read the EMS Employer Partnership Agreement and followed through with the requested next steps in the document the Director, Diana Harrison, will contact you directly with further instructions. We will choose one or more suitable candidates and then will refer those candidates directly to you with a resume. You can be sure candidates sent by EMS meet or exceed the minimum requirements of the position as indicated on the job description submitted. As a reminder, EMS does not place students or alumni in the following areas:

  • Non-paid employment opportunities
  • Non-paid internships
  • In-home positions of any kind
  • Organizations who have not met payroll any time in the last 24 months
  • Churches and Christian Ministries: Church/Ministry Statement of Faith and Lifestyle Covenant must show a parallel with the CCU Statement of Faith and Lifestyle Covenant (page 2 highlighted section specifically). Please review these documents before agreeing to the EMS Employer Partnership Agreement.
Step 3: Interview

After referring selected candidates to you, please contact the candidate within 2 business days to schedule a future interview date and time (phone or in person). You can move forward with your normal interview process.

Step 4: Communication

Feedback from the interview is required and necessary for a successful partnership.

  • Notify EMS if the referred candidate was selected to hire
  • If the candidate was not hired please provide reasons to ensure a more suitable candidate in the future and to coach candidate if necessary.
  • Notify Diana Harrison by email or by phone at 303-963-3165 if the position is filled with a candidate from outside of EMS. That way we can remove the job posting and update the EMS team so that they know that the position has been filled.


How quickly will someone return my inquiry?

Our EMS staff will return your inquiry within 1-2 business days.

I see you have opportunities listed on your website, can you explain?

Once an organization has been approved, we will post a position without the name of the employer so that students can view the opening, we call this a "Blind" post. Once a student or alumni meets with our staff and is determined they are qualified for the position the organization and contact information will be given directly to the candidate. Why does EMS do this? Simply, we want to ensure you only interview candidates that meet or exceed your job qualifications and this is how we can do just that!

*Once a position has been filled, we ask that you let us know so that we can remove it from our job opportunities.

Can I advertise my positions to other departments at CCU?

CCU has worked hard to centralize all job requisitions to one department. This streamlines communication for our partnering employers and students.

What is your average pay for part-time positions?

It depends on the type of jobs, skills, and experience needed for the position. On average, our employers pay between $12-$13/hr for entry-level, part-time positions.

Do I have to pay these candidates?

Yes, EMS only accepts PAID positions. One of our primary objectives is to provide opportunities for students to earn income that will help them pay for school and decrease their student debt.

Once I hire a candidate, what is your role between our organization and the student?

After a student is hired, we bow out of the process. You know how to run your organization better than we do, and we leave you to do so. After approximately 90 days we will call to ask for an update on the student’s performance.

How does the interview process work?

After we send a candidate to you, we let you reach out to the student directly to set up an interview. As part of the EMS Employer Partnership Agreement we asked that you contact the candidate within 2 business days to set up a future interview date and time. If we are helping you fill a large quantity of openings, we may schedule a date and time when you can interview candidates here at the EMS office.

How does the referral process work?

After we have received your inquiry, our team will market the position and choose one or more qualified candidates. We will send those candidates directly to you with a resume.

Do you need a job description?

Not necessarily. Most of the time we will gather all the details we need during our initial meeting, which is why we ask that you provide as much information as possible upfront so that we can ensure the candidates meet or exceed your staffing needs. If we need additional details, we will call you to discuss.

  • Student Contact

    Our students don’t settle for “good enough,” they seek to offer only the best in their employment.

  • Employer Contact

    We work to develop solid relationships within our employer partnerships.