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CIS/IT – Undergrad Jobs

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Stay on the cutting edge of innovation by working in the technology sphere. Even if you don’t see yourself as a “tech” person, you might be surprised about what you already know!

TECHNOLOGY SUPPORT ENGINEER: Pay: $18/hour; Hours: 8-10 hours/week; REF #1395

Position Title: Technology Support Engineer
Job Overview:

Are you interested in aiding a local church and school with their technology? Then check out this position, as the Technology Support Engineer you will get to manage and support the daily technology infrastructure for the Church and School. Sound interesting? Then contact EMS with the reference number through the Student Contact Form to learn more information and get started with the application process!

Responsibilities and Duties:
  • Serve by providing technical assistance to staff and faculty by issuing hardware and software, support peripherals such as copiers and smartboards, create user documentations for specific software and work with the technology committee to implement policy and project initiatives.
  • Function in the support of both wired and wireless network through basic troubleshooting, managing firewall rules for content filtering and monitoring.
  • Be in charge of monitoring and managing WAN network utilization and issues with vendor.
  • Collaborate and implement with the Technology Committee on projects such as rollout out software, wireless networking, security cameras, server upgrades and prepping the computer lab for new school year.
  • You are a high school and a current college student or graduate.
  • You have a keen ability to communicate effectively.
  • You are customer oriented and have the ability to prioritize workload.
  • You are trained in the skills of administration and support with Windows Server 2012/2016, Windows 10, Office 365, Active Directory, and peripherals.
  • You hold an understanding of networking and storage principals.
  • You complete the annual Safeguarding Our Children training.
Important Information:

Pay: $18/hour

Hours: 8-10 hours/week

Location Centennial, CO

REF #1395

GRAPHIC DESIGNER: Pay: $12-14/hour; Hours: 12-24 hours/week; REF: #1373

Job Title: Graphic Designer
Job Overview:

Love working with computers and being able to display your artistic talent? Then apply now! For in this positon you will be able to create engaging and on brand graphics for a variety of media. This will involve partaking in the entire process of defining requirements, visualizing and creating graphics, illustrations, logos, layouts and photos. For what exactly will you be doing this for? You will get to be in charge of shaping the visual aspects of the websites, papers, training plans and more! Sounds like your kind of job? Then contact EMS with the reference number through the Student Contact Form to learn more information and get started with the application process!

Responsibilities and Duties:
  • Prepare rough drafts, present ideas and conceptualize visuals based on the requirements given to you.
  • Get to develop illustrations, logos and other designs using software or by hand.
  • Ensure all graphics created are in the appropriate colors and layouts required.
  • Collaboratively engage with copywriters and the creative director to produce the final design, then test the graphic you created across various media.
  • You have a strong portfolio of illustrations and other graphics, which demonstrate your proven designing experience.
  • You hold a familiarity with design software and technologies (such as InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop).
  • You have in your tool belt a keen eye for aesthetics, details and a set of excellent communication skills.
  • You are able to work methodically and meet deadlines.
Important Information:

Pay: $12-14/hour

Hours: 12-24 hours/week

Location: Littleton

REF #1373


DIGITAL MARKETER: Pay: $13-15/hour; Hours: 15-30 hours/week (Mostly remote); REF #1133

Job Title: Digital Marketer
Job Overview:

Ever wanted to grow up and be a digital marketer? Here is your chance! In this position you will be able to create digital marketing campaigns that help test the temperature of the waters and see where customers are at in their interests and purchases. Then you will able to craft ads, create products, new collection pages, DRIP campaigns, banner ads, ad copy, and the like around the information gathered. Interested? Then, contact EMS with the reference number through the Student Contact Form to learn more information and get started with the application process!

  • You have experience in PPC/SEO/retargeting/print/copywriting.
  • Having marketing experience is a plus!
Important Information:

Pay: $13-15/hours

Hours: 15-30 hours/week (Mostly Remote)

Location Broomfield, CO

REF #1133


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