Course Credits for Work

Earning “Jobs Credit” For Electives

If you are a current CUS traditional student, you can apply to earn three elective credits by working a minimum of 225 hours in a 16-week period (or less) in a W-2 qualified job. This job may be attained on your own or through EMS, but must be approved by EMS. The JOBS credit is a 12-month rolling start program, meaning that you can start your “JOBS class” at any point during the year.

You can earn up to a total of 24 “JOBS” elective credits for your major. You will need to sign up and fill out the paperwork for each three-credit “JOBS” course; this must be given to and approved by EMS prior to accumulating work hours for credit.


Each “JOBS” courseJob is excluded from tuition but you will need to pay a course fee for every 3 credits desired. The JOBS course credit rate can vary per semester. To see current rate go to this link:


Grades are Pass/Fail and will be applied to the semester during which the 225 hours are started. A minimum of 225 hours of work must be completed over the course of 16 weeks (or less) to gain a PASS grade. Grades will be given after EMS receives confirmation of total hours during the 16 weeks. If you are fired or if you quit this job prior to the 225 hours being completed, you will receive a FAIL grade.


You must be enrolled in a minimum of 12 “in class” credits to receive any scholarship toward your tuition. If you choose to “take a semester off” to work, your scholarship money will be placed on a temporary hold and will reinstate for the following academic start date.

Steps to Earn "Jobs" Credit

Step 1: Apply

Email Director of CUS EMS, Sharon Kitzmiller, at to ask questions or to start the process of earning credit.

Step 2: Work

  • Work a minimum of 225 hours in the EMS approved position over the course of 16 weeks (or less).
  • Log all of your work hours until you reach 225 hours — without exceeding the 16-week timeframe. This is for you and your supervisor. EMS does not need to see the tracked hours. 

Step 3: Earn Credit

  • One week before you reach 225 hours, contact Sharon Kitzmiller at to confirm when you will complete your hours.
  • Sharon will email you a form to give to your supervisor. Have your supervisor sign, validate that you completed your 225 hours, and email the completed form to Sharon Kitzmiller.
    • This form must be sent back no later than seven days past your end date for you to receive a PASS grade.
  • If you finished your 225 hours and your supervisor sends the verification, you will receive a PASS grade and earn three “JOBS” elective credit hours toward your degree.
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