WORK Experience
  • allows you a unique opportunity to impact the world for Christ by seeing work as a way to worship the Lord, to do work with excellence, and to learn and grow through each experience;
  • prepares you with valuable knowledge and skills that will allow you to compete in any environment;
  • teaches you how to tackle challenging tasks with little oversight or direction from your superiors;
  • develops creativity and the determination to press on when everyone else’s ideas are spent;
  • helps you find the humility and flexibility to succeed under a supervisor that you perhaps don’t agree with;
  • builds your network as well as your reputation for responsibility and trustworthiness in the workplace; and
  • leads you to opportunities for significant projects in your career.

You probably won’t land your ideal job while you’re in school. That’s why it’s important to recognize the value of work experience, which provides you with stepping stones toward your career goals.

How EMS Works

Step 1: Schedule an appointment and Complete your Resume

Scheduling an appointment is easy using your Handshake account!  Go to this link:  Schedule an Appointment Here (use your CCU ID and Password).  During that meeting, we will determine the next steps based on your career goals, skill set, work experience, and availability to work. You will have the opportunity to start working on your resume, using the suggested templates and rubric on our website. 

Step 2: Assess and Identify Opportunities

An EMS team member will have a one-on-one conversation with you about your current and future career goals, your skills and experience, financial needs, and your availability to work. Job opportunities will be identified that fit your unique situation. You will have the opportunity to explore both "Open" and "Premier" jobs and your EMS staff member will be available for expert advise on best jobs for you!


  1. “OPEN” JOBS: When you apply to “Open” Jobs (jobs that list the name of the employer),  your “approved” resume will go directly to the employer. Please remember that our “Open” jobs function just like a job board, and your application does not guarantee you an interview nor does it guarantee you communication from the employer. 
  2. “PREMIER” JOBS: If you apply to a job with one of our “Premier” Employers (you can’t see the name of the company), your application will not immediately go to the employer. Rather, you will work (or continue working) with one of our EMS team members. You will go through a vetting process which has successfully resulted in a 90% job placement rate since 2010.                                                                              
    • Process to Expect once meeting with EMS for a Premier Job:
      • you will learn the name of the employer
      • EMS staff will professionally consult with you to make sure that you and the employer are a good “match”, that you are qualified for the position and that you want to work for the employer
      • EMS will check references
      • you will get the opportunity to receive mock interview training, giving you confidence in your interviewing skills and setting you up for a great interview with the employer
      • EMS will send the resume to the employer for qualified candidates
      • once resume has been sent, employer will contact interested candidate for a guaranteed interview
Entry Level Positions
  • Entry-level positions require little or no work experience
  • Part-time hours and best for people that want to go away for fall break, Christmas break and Spring break
  • Documents required: ResumeAvailability Form
  • Potential Advancement to positions requiring related work experience and mock interviews are available upon request
1-2 years of work experience
  • Complete a polished and professional resume, gather references and your availability
  • Requires 1-2 years of work experience
  • Part-time hours
  • Documents required: Resume, References, Availability Form
  • For Premier Employers, you will receive training through a mock interview
  • Individualized coaching and placement is available upon request
2+ years of work experience or relevant degree required
  • Requires experience or relevant degree
  • Full-time hours
  • Documents required: Resume, References
  • Individualized Coaching and Placement is available upon request (Virtual)

Step 3: Connect

Once you know the job you desire, and your resume is professionally ready to go, upload it to Handshake. Your resume will be reviewed, and once "approved" you will be able to apply to "Open" jobs. Please remember that "Open Jobs" do not guarantee communication from the employer, nor do they guarantee an interview. 

If you and your EMS advisor have identified a "Premier" job and you qualify, our staff will then connect you directly with the employer. The employer will then contact you directly to schedule an interview date and time either by phone or in person. 

Step 4: Preparation

Before your formal interview, you may be asked to perform a practice a job-specific mock interview with an EMS staff member. This mock interview will be virtual. 

Student Testimonials

CCU alumni with english degree
Lat Nichols ’21

“After talking with EMS one-on-one, they found a position at a sports store that not only worked with my limited availability, but also helped boost my resume to show that I could balance both work and school while holding an active leadership position on campus. During that year, EMS also helped place me in a sales associate position at a local sporting goods store where I gained valuable communication skills. A few months later a medical scribe position opened at St. Anthony’s emergency department with Scribe America, one of EMS’s partner employers. Because I had been working with EMS, they let me know about the position, helped me prepare for it with a resume critique and a mock interview, and I got the job. Every day I am learning new medical terminology, while being mentored under the ER doctors.”

ccu alumni with english degree
Jacob Rippey ’17

“Say ‘yes’ to opportunities that arise! I am currently working as a materials coordinator at Honeywell Experimental Flight Test Operations. I support the operations of 12 experimental aircraft (from a Boeing 757 to a Cessna 182). I test experimental technology that needs to be tested at altitude; everything from weather radar, Wi-Fi systems, avionics, and engines. With EMS as a student, I had opportunities to work with companies such as Chick-fil-A, Lazer Designs, and General Air. EMS helped perfect my resume, partnered me with incredible companies, and provided a comfortable environment for mock interviews. Every job I have worked since partnering with EMS has led to a valuable experience that has given me a competitive edge in the market. I could have never imagined that working in three different industries would have set me up so beautifully for my current position.”