• Student Employment Program

    Employment Opportunities for CCU Students

    Working on campus as a student employee at CCU, you’ll have the chance to make an important and valued contribution to our community. You’ll also have the chance to gain experience that is relevant to your studies.

    Some of the benefits of working at CCU are:

    • You’ll have a job nearby that works with your class schedule and student activities
    • You’ll be a part of impacting the Kingdom through your work
    • You’ll get to know faculty and other professionals through your work
    • You’ll gain relevant work experience that prepares you for post-graduation careers
    • You’ll develop new skills and utilize your gifts
    • You’ll earn additional money to help pay for your education

    In order to qualify for any type of job on campus, you MUST be eligible for Federal Work Study according to your FAFSA. To know if you qualify, check your Financial Aid Award letter via WebAdvisor (after you are accepted) or contact CCU’s Service Central office.

    Every fall semester, CCU hosts a job fair. If you’re interested in a job on campus, make sure that you attend the fair, speak with potential employers, and apply for the positions that you qualify for. Students who are proactive in seeking interviews at CCU’s job fair, or who directly contact employers with openings, are more likely to receive a position.