• Detail of Tuition and Fees: 2017-2018 Academic Year

    College of Undergraduate Studies

    Below, you’ll find current tuition prices that answer the question you are surely wondering about: How much does college cost? Remember, you'll have access to financial aid, scholarships and other forms of tuition assistance and funding to help with college costs. Please call us and one of our enrollment counselors will be happy to help get you started.

      Fall Semester Spring Semester Total Annual
    Tuition (12-18 credit hours) $14,935 $14,935 $29,870
    Student Body Fees $250 $250 $500
    Room and Board $5,258 $5,258 $10,516*
    Estimated Total $20,443 $20,443 $40,886**

    *Please note that this is subject to choice of room and board, which may raise or lower costs.

    **These costs do not include travel, books, and personal expenses, which will vary widely among students.

      Payment arrangements must be made by the following dates to secure course enrollment for each semester. Failure to finalize payment arrangements will result in de-registration from all courses before the semester or term begins. See Payment Options for additional information.

    • Fall 2017 semester – July 1, 2017
    • Spring 2018 semester – December 1, 2017
    • Summer 2017 and Winter 2018 terms – Upon registration
    Admission Fees and Deposits:
    Application Fee (prospective students) $30
    Tuition Deposit (admitted students) $150
    Housing Deposit (admitted students) $100
    Semester Tuition package: 12 - 18 credit hours $14,935
    Less than 12 hours, per hour $1,245
    Additional, per hour over 18 credit hours $830
    Summer and Winter Terms, per hour $622
    Off-Campus Studies – BestSemester.com See Details
    Student Body Fees:*
    Student Government Association Fee, per semester $75
    Campus Activities Fee, per semester $175
    Room (housing options):
    Harwood and Waite Apartments, per semester $2,915
    Duplexes, per semester $3,150
    East Campus Apartments, per semester $3,273
    The Peaks Apartments, per semester $3,273
    The Peaks Apartments (7 students), per semester $3,011
    Yetter Apartments, per semester $3,585
    Yetter Apartments (7 students), per semester $3,298
    West Campus Apartments, per semester $3,045
    Board (meal plan requirements):
    Plan 18: 18 set meals per week + $300 Dining Dollars, per semester $2.626
    Plan 15: 15 set meals per week + $300 Dining Dollars, per semester $2,414
    Plan 12: 12 set meals per week + $300 Dining Dollars, per semester $2,202
    Plan 190: 190 meals per semester + $300 Dining Dollars, per semester $2,202
    Plan 150: 150 meals per semester + $300 Dining Dollars, per semester $1,752
    Plan 80: 80 meals per semester + $400 Dining Dollars, per semester $1,100
    Plan D: $100-$500 Dining Dollars, per semester Variable amounts between $100 to $500, available in increments of $100
    Records and Miscellaneous Fees
    Individual Course Fees See Details
    Online Course Fee (per credit hour) - online courses only $54
    Student Teaching Fee $375
    Official transcripts, per copy (student account must be paid in full) $5 (electronic)
    $10 (paper)
    Rushed transcript Fee $35
    Account Service Charge: Open accounts (other than approved installment plans) are subject to a per-month service charge on the unpaid balance, including prior service charges 1.5% per month, 18% Annually
    NBS e-Cashier annual payment plan fee $100
    Returned check fee, per check $25

    The price of books varies by course. You may purchase books online through the CCU Bookstore. A limited selection of used books is available for purchase at CCU's main campus bookstore. Financial aid will not be available in time to purchase books for any semester, so alternative plans for necessary purchases should be arranged.

    For questions, call or e-mail the Service Central office to speak with a Service Specialist about your CCU charges: 303-963-3230 or 800-44-FAITH, ext 3230. Current account information is always accessible in WebAdvisor.

    *These fees cover the cost of student activities, clubs, organization and ministry funding, social events, the Student Union Building, and Student Government Association dues.