Dr. Kelton Lustig Memorial Scholarship

In Memory of Dr. Kelton Lustig

Instruct the wise and they will be wiser still; teach the righteous and they will add to their learning
– Proverbs 9:9
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The family of beloved professor Dr. Kelton Lustig has established the Dr. Kelton Lustig Memorial Scholarship in his memory. Dr. Lustig was a beloved professor of education at CCU for twenty years. He had a special passion for future teachers and the students they would influence, especially those students with special needs and learning challenges. He desired to empower future teachers/students to impact their world for Christ. This scholarship is intended to continue that legacy by providing funds for students who have plans for a professional career in teaching students with special needs.

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Donations to this scholarship go directly to CCU students who meet eligibility criteria. If enough funds are received, the Lustig family desires to transform this into an endowed scholarship that will provide funding for many generations. 

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Nancy Engel

Director of Strategic Philanthropy
Email: nengel@ccu.edu
Phone: 303-963-3079

Are you interested in establishing a new endowed or recurring scholarship? Or, are you looking for a particular scholarship focus (music student, School of Education, etc.)? For these or any other questions, please contact Nancy Engel, director of strategic philanthropy, for assistance.

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