Public Policy Endowed Scholarship

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Educating Future Conservative Leaders

Our country is at a crucial turning point.

America's founding principles of religious freedom, the sanctity of life, parental rights, free markets, and limited government are threatened. At Colorado Christian University, conservative leaders in politics and education have identified a path forward — the creation of a new bachelor's degree in public policy to educate future conservative leaders with a Christian worldview.

You can help prepare and empower the leaders of tomorrow by investing in their education through CCU's Public Policy Endowed Scholarship. Join the generous donors who have already pledged $800,000 toward the $2M goal needed to build the Public Policy Scholarship Endowment. With your contribution to this scholarship fund, a future political leader can make a difference on campus, in their community, and around the world.

Like a lantern in the Rocky Mountain region, CCU is uniquely poised to bring light into the political realm through this academic program that combines world-class faculty, the Centennial Institute, and student engagement opportunities at the Lakewood campus as well as in Washington D.C. The degree in public policy will build upon CCU's proven track record of producing influential Christian statesmen and women prepared for the national stage and impacting the world with grace and truth.

With your support, you can impact federal, state, and local governments through academically trained, conservative Christian leaders who have real-world training. Because of your investment, CCU will be empowered to give students the tools to become political leaders poised to shape our nation's public policy and guide our children and grandchildren into the future.

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Nancy Engel

Director of Strategic Philanthropy
Phone: 303-963-3079

Are you interested in establishing a new endowed or recurring scholarship? Or, are you looking for a particular scholarship focus (music student, School of Education, etc.)? For these or any other questions, please contact Nancy Engel, director of strategic philanthropy, for assistance.

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