• Requesting Accommodations

    How to Request Academic Accommodations

    Students with disabilities seeking accommodations MUST complete the following:

    It is critical to complete these academic accommodations procedures eight weeks prior to the beginning of the semester. If your application is not submitted eight weeks prior to the beginning of the semester, some accommodations may not be implemented until the following semester. It is the responsibility of the student to make his/her needs known in a timely manner to the Disability Services Coordinator. Reviewing and granting accommodations can take up to eight weeks. Once appropriate documentation is received, a Certificate of Accommodations will be produced for the student.

    It is the responsibility of the student to provide their professors with a Certificate of Accommodations received through the Life Directions Center. A Certificate of Accommodations must be produced before accommodations can be provided. Accommodations do not apply retroactively.

    Since education at the post-secondary level is voluntary, the Life Directions Center will provide accommodations to students, but cannot mandate that the student use these services. Students have the choice and opportunity to work or not work with the Life Directions Center for accommodations.

    Common Accommodations

    Exam Accommodations, including:
    • Alternate location
    • Extended time
    • Reader for testing
    • Testing in the LDC
    • Use of word processor
    Classroom Accommodations, including:
    • Braille Handouts
    • Class Involvement
    • Interpreters
    • Note Takers
    • Permission to audio tape lectures
    • Seating Arrangements
    Support Service Accommodations, including:
    • Access to the services of the CCU counseling center
    • Advising (academic and career)
    • Assistive Technology Lab
      • J.A.W.S. for Windows
      • Open book
    • Audio book
    • Early registration
    • Meeting with Professors
    • Peer tutors
    • Regular meeting with an LDC advisor to monitor progress and effectiveness of accommodations
    • Student advocacy training
    • Study skills/strategies
    • Time management training
    • Word Processor for written work
    Accommodations CCU and the Life Directions Center DO NOT provide:
    • Excused Absences
    • Personal Attendants
    • Specialized Learning Disability Tutors

    On-Campus Resident Accommodations

    To request physical accommodations as an on-campus resident, please complete the accommodation application (PDF).

  • Contact Info

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    Fax: 303-963-3011

    Email: ldc@ccu.edu