• Admission and University Policy

    University Policy

    CCU recognizes that disabilities include mobility, sensory, health, psychological, attention deficit disorders, brain injuries, and learning disabilities and will attempt to provide reasonable accommodations to qualified individuals. We are unable, however, to make accommodations that are unduly burdensome or that fundamentally alter the nature of the program, service, or activity. Accommodations are only granted when necessary documentation is provided in a timely manner.


    The University does not consider an individual's disability when making admission decisions. Thus, we will not impose or apply admission or eligibility criteria that screen out or might screen in individuals based on their disability. Students with disabilities desiring to enroll at Colorado Christian University must be able to meet the minimum admission requirements of the University. Prospective students with disabilities are not required to identify themselves to the Office of Admission or the Life Directions Center.

    The University does not engage in affirmative action programs for disabled students. It is within the student's discretion to inform the Office of Admission of a disability. If the choice is made, the University will not discriminate against the student on the basis of the disability and will make reasonable accommodations when necessary and appropriate.

    Fairness Issue

    The documentation and accommodation process is designed to identify students with legitimate needs as defined by the ADA while protecting the student, faculty, and University from claims of discrimination by non-disabled students.

    Compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) does not guarantee that an individual with a disability will achieve an identical result or level of achievement as persons without disabilities. Consequently, reasonable accommodations should not decrease or alter course requirements, course objectives, or reduce academic standards.

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