Colorado Christian University
Sunday Night Live

Sunday Night Live

So, you’ve heard the admissions spiel. You’ve looked through the website, checked out our Instagram, and maybe watched our virtual tour. You’re hearing good things, but you’re still wondering...

What is life at CCU actually like?

There’s only so much you can learn from a website. That’s why we’re hosting Sunday Night Live – an entirely unscripted event featuring a live student panel, designed to give you an honest look into life on campus.

We believe talking with real students is the best way to get a true sense for life in Colorado, our classes, spiritual formation, athletics and intramurals, community, and how CCU prepares for life post-grad.

Are you resonating with the questions below? (Maybe wondering how we read your mind?) Join us on Sunday nights at 6:00 p.m. MST as a panel of real students answer your questions about CCU. We’re so excited to hang out with you!

Sunday, September 13 | Location: #RealColorado

Curious if you have to be outdoorsy to fit in at CCU? Maybe you’re coming from somewhere warm and wondering if you’ll survive winters in Denver. Or maybe you’re dying to get to the mountains and curious how many times you can realistically hit the slopes. Whether you call Colorado home or you’re from out-of-state, this panel will be helpful in breaking down Colorado stereotypes, culture, weather, traveling, packing, and more!

Sunday, September 27 | Academics: #RealKnowledge

You’ve probably heard CCU is ranked in the top 2% of colleges nationwide based on our core curriculum. That’s a big accolade, but what does it mean for you? What is the transition like between high school and college coursework? Curious about time management? Maybe you’re coming from a huge high school and you’re wondering what it’s like to have a prof actually know your name. This panel will answer honest questions about all things academics!

Sunday, October 11 | Spiritual Formation: #RealGrowth

Spiritual formation is a big deal around here. But, what if you’ve never gone to a Christian school before? Will you be unprepared? Maybe you’ve heard about discipleship at CCU and you’re wondering what happens in a “D-group.” In this panel, students will discuss everything from their experiences entering into a Christian community, to specific ways to engage through chapel, service opportunities, and mission trips.

Sunday, October 25 | Campus Activities: #RealInvolvement

How good do you really have to be to play an intramural sport? What clubs can you get involved in? Maybe you’ve heard about some crazy campus traditions and you’re wondering who exactly this “King Cougar” is. All good questions. If you’re looking to get involved or just wanting to learn more about CCU culture, tune in for this student panel!

Sunday, November 8 | Living on Campus: #RealCommunity

In this panel you’ll hear students share what it’s like adapting to apartment-style living and how this style of residence hall has shaped CCU’s community. Maybe you’re wondering how often students cook in their apartments vs. eating in the dining hall? Do you need a car to buy groceries? How long does it take to make friends? This panel is designed for all questions about life on campus!

Sunday, November 15 | Future Preparation: #RealInvestment

CCU is committed to ensuring students are ready for life post-grad. But what does that actually mean? What resources does CCU have to help you find a summer internship? Maybe you’re feeling like work is a million years away! How soon should you start thinking about a job? How does CCU help with finding one? In this panel, students will share experiences about everything from mentorship, to part-time jobs during school, to preparation for life after graduation.