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Arturo Kinch

Arturo Kinch

Rockmont College
Class of 1979

From a large mission family in Costa Rica, Arturo Kinch participated in basketball, soccer, and downhill skiing at Rockmont. He graduated with degrees in biblical studies and camping and recreation. Arturo did not aim at being a top skier at Rockmont but was merely using the sport to keep in shape for soccer. But he was a natural, and he was the ski team’s top point scorer for several seasons.

In order to compete internationally, Kinch learned he must be a member of his national ski association, so he founded the Costa Rica Ski Association and became the first Olympic athlete from Costa Rica in the sport. From his first Olympics—Lake Placid in 1980—to Salt Lake in 2002, Kinch competed in alpine skiing for a country that had no snow. In 1984 (Sarajevo), Kinch also competed in cross-country skiing and continued in that sport at age forty-nine at the 2006 Olympics in Torino. In 2004, Kinch was inducted into CCU’s Hall of Fame.

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