CCU Spotlights

Rachel Dillon (Algya)

Rachel  Dillon (Algya)

Business Adminstration; Leadership Minor
Class of 2009

My experiences at CCU provided a solid foundation, academically and spiritually that served as a springboard for me to enter the professional world. I believe that the lessons I learned both in and out of the classroom at CCU are invaluable to me as I solidify myself as a young, working professional who is endeavoring to put Christ first in all that I do.

I was most influenced by the leadership positions that I held throughout my time at CCU. My experience in the classroom was highlighted and put into practice on a daily basis as I interacted with my peers and superiors through my various roles. The practical application of what I was learning in my courses helped me to see first-hand the integration of faith, learning and leadership, which I deem to be the most important lesson I could have learned in college.

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