Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Colby Rogers

Meet Dr. Colby Rogers

Degrees and Experience
  • Ed.D., Counselor Education and Supervision Program (Argosy University)
  • M.Ed., School and Community Counseling (University of Tennessee Chattanooga)
  • Licensed Professional Counselor
Biography and Professional Achievements

Dr. Colby Rogers is an affiliate professor at Colorado Christian University. Rogers has over 15 years of clinical experience as well as over five years of teaching at the undergraduate and graduate level developing courses on Forensic Psychology and Trauma Based Treatment. Along with teaching at CCU, Rogers is also a partner and clinician with a private practice firm in the Denver metro area that serves couples as well as individuals with anxiety, depression, or a history of trauma, and adolescents and children with trauma or transitional issues.

Prior to working with CCU, Rogers had extensive history in working in a myriad of clinical positions including working with crisis response teams, first responder and crisis calls; a clinical Director position in working with community integration for individuals in the process of deinstitutionalization either through psychiatric hospitalization or incarceration; as a clinician with the Colorado Division of Youth Corrections; as a clinician with detox and substance abuse treatment centers; as the Director of Residential Services at a residential psychiatric hospital for adolescents, and as a case manager and clinician for gang initiative programs in the state of Tennessee.

It is Rogers' belief that each student brings with them a plethora of experiences and a variety of interest in the realm that is counseling, and therefore, it is the job of the professor to meet the students with their individualized interest. To ensure that each student is able to maximize both their calling and their interest in counseling, Rogers incorporates a variety of educational opportunities that serve to meet the student where they are, as well as to utilize a strength-based approach to assist in the development of solid clinicians that are well prepared to assist in providing clinical care in their respected areas to assist in overall community service.

Rogers has conducted research on the long-term effects of incarceration and institutionalization as well as effective treatment strategies for at-risk youth and trauma-based treatments for adolescents and adults. He also has a variety of experiences in consultation with courts, police departments, and has been trained and teaches instructional courses on a variety of therapeutic holds and restraint techniques.

  • Currently finishing publication on the following research: "Deinstitutionalization: One Model of Effective Community Integration for Individuals with Dual Diagnosis" (2015).
  • Published on "What to Expect When You're Expecting to Graduate", a post-graduate article for clinical practice, and is working on finalizing a publication pertaining to conjoint counseling and trauma-based therapy.