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Dr. Duane Wilson

Dr. Duane Wilson

Faculty Spotlight

Degrees and Experience
  • Ph.D. Computer Science (Johns Hopkins University)
  • M.S. Security Informatics (Johns Hopkins University)
  • M.Eng. Computer Science (Cornell University)
  • B.S. Computer Science (Claflin University)
Biography and Professional Achievements

Dr. Duane Wilson has been a practitioner in the field of cyber security for over 15 years. After earning his bachelor’s degree, Dr. Wilson went on to earn a Master of Engineering in Computer Science from Cornell University, a second Master of Science in Security Informatics, and a Ph.D. in computer science from Johns Hopkins University. The balance of both scholastic and operational experience allows him to have insight both into the theory and practice of cybersecurity.

As a subject matter expert in cyber technology research, Duane’s areas of expertise range from cyber security, business development, computer science engineering, and network protection. Duane provides subject matter expertise toward various cyber initiatives through his consulting firm Wilson Innovative Solutions LLC. The company's focus is to provide innovative cyber research and development, advanced cyber security consulting, and cyber security training for all levels of experience in the commercial and federal sectors.

In his professional career, Duane has many years of experience presenting very technical topics to senior-level executives, enabling them to make vital decisions. Additionally, as an adjunct cyber security professor in a number of top programs, Duane teaches a number of students new to the field without the requisite baseline knowledge of fundamental concepts in cyber security. As a result of these experiences, he has learned to cater to audiences with varying levels of technical adeptness (in general) and competency in the field of cybersecurity — specifically.

Dr. Wilson holds adjunct positions at the University of Maryland in Baltimore County, University of Delaware, and Johns Hopkins University. He has also spoken as a guest lecturer at Alabama State University, Draper Labs, Purdue University, and a variety of academic conferences and similar venues to discuss various aspects of the cybersecurity field.

Recognized as an industry expert, he has been invited to serve as a key panelist at a number of reputable venues which include the International Test and Evaluation Association (ITEA) Workshop, Business Forum I Trans-Atlantic Cyber Security Forum, Trinidad National Security Conference and various colleges, universities, and high schools throughout the continental United States. Lastly, he also served on an executive committee for the Maryland State Department of Education, aiding in the development of cyber security curricula for high school and pre-college students.

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