Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Frances Dailey

Meet Dr. Frances Dailey

Degrees and Experience
  • Ph.D., LMHC (Regent University)
Biography and Professional Achievements

Dr. Frances Dailey is a graduate of Regent University's CACREP accredited Counselor Education and Supervision doctoral program. She has teaching experiences with Colorado Christian University (CACREP Accredited), Liberty University (CACREP Accredited), Argosy University (CACREP accredited online MA program), Grace College & Seminary (CACREP accredited MA program), and Regent University (CACREP accredited MA and PhD programs). Her research interests are in the areas of juvenile justice mental health and sex offender topics as well as survivors of human sex tracking.

These and other scholarly activities include multiple referred journal articles publications. She co-authored two textbooks: Counseling Adolescents Competently (2016) and Adolescents in Conflict: Understanding the Backstory (2016) and is working on two additional manuals. She was recognized by Routledge Behavioral Sciences journal (2014) for the published article on 'Mental Health Treatment in Juvenile Justice Secure Care Facilities: Practice and Policy Recommendations', published in Journal of Forensic Psychology Practice. This work was featured as the most downloaded articles published in Routledge Behavioral Sciences journals in 2014.

Dailey has 15+ years' experience counseling families, couples, and individuals with a wide spectrum of mental health, substance use, relationship, and career challenges. She has a number of clinical and consulting relationships with two national mental health and juvenile justice consulting rms. In these capacities, she provides mental health counseling, psychological and psychosexual evaluations for human services and juvenile justice agencies throughout the country. She serves as a consultant for several residential treatments, juvenile justice, and criminal justice programs with clients experiencing severe mental illness, substances use challenges, and disruptive behavioral and sexual disorders.

She has worked with several home-based service organizations in the role of Family Therapist, Family Preservation Supervisor, and Home-based Counseling Services Contracts Program Manager. Among her distinguished accomplishments, she provided trainings at the national level and is recognized as a subject matter expert in Family Preservation, Mental Health, Child Welfare, Juvenile Justice populations, and Human Traffic Survivors. Her family preservation expertise allowed her to contribute to the development of Bonding Assessments and Comprehensive Family Proles and she served as a National Family Preservation Network board member. Recently, she began working with Childhelp National Crisis Hotline, Child Fatality Review teams of Maricopa County, Arizona, and volunteering along with my children at Feed My Starving Children International. 

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