Faculty Spotlight: John Russo

Meet John Russo

Degrees and Experience
  • Certified Public Accountant
  • B.A., Accounting (Western State College)
Biography and Professional Achievements

John Russo joined CCU in 2002 as an affiliate professor to be part of the process that brings men and women of God into the business world. They are sorely needed, and he thanks God every day for the privilege and responsibility of teaching his students. The most important thing for him to accomplish in his classes is to assure that all of his students grow as Christian leaders as they attempt to master accounting material. Russo believe's that these men and women, who look to God for guidance in their lives, will improve business values and ethics and be a beacon of God's Word as they take their place in leadership and management positions after they graduate.

Russo has over thirty years of experience as a certified public accountant and manager, including executive management of Audit of the Nation's Oil and Gas Royalties. His staff of 150 audited over $6 billion in royalties from oil companies each year. Hallmarks of his career were developing and implementing more efficient and effective operations and reducing costs that identified and collected hundreds of millions of dollars in underpayments due the Federal Government, states, and Native Americans.

Russo has received awards from Native American Nations for exemplifying the very best of the ideals of the United States' trust responsibility, and from the Secretary of the Department of the Interior for dedication to the highest standards and commitment to excellence and outstanding performance resulting in collection of hundreds of millions of unpaid minerals revenues.