Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Ryan T. Hartwig

Meet Dr. Ryan T. Hartwig

Degrees and Experience
  • Ph.D., Group and Organizational Communication (University of Colorado)
  • M.S.Ed., Higher Education Administration (Purdue University)
  • B.A., Communication (Colorado Christian University)
  • B.S., Interdisciplinary Studies (Colorado Christian University)
Biography and Professional Achievements

Ryan T. Hartwig, Ph.D., is dean of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences and Professor of Communication. Prior to re-joining the faculty at Colorado Christian University, Hartwig served in several key leadership roles at Azusa Pacific University, including Chair of the Department of Communication, Associate Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, and Chair of the University's Chairs' Advisory Council. Before his stint at Azusa Pacific, Hartwig served on both the faculty and staff of Colorado Christian, after graduating from CCU years prior.

As a teacher of small-group, organizational, and leadership communication courses, he seeks to help students understand the full creative and transformative power of communication; cultivate the ability to effectively create, shape, and change the many groups and organizations they engage; and develop as people of profound impact in today’s changing and complex world.

As a scholar, Hartwig pursues interests in group facilitation, teamwork, the development of collaborative communicative practices and organizational structures, leadership education and training, and qualitative research methods. His engaged scholarship, training, and consulting work aims to help nonprofits and churches thoughtfully leverage effective group and organizational communication practices, processes, and structures to fulfill their missions. His scholarship has been published in the Journal of Applied Communication Research, the Southern Communication Journal, Group Facilitation: A Research and Applications Journal, and the The International Encyclopedia of Organizational Communication, and presented at numerous academic conferences. His first book, Teams That Thrive: Five Disciplines of Collaborative Church Leadership (with Warren Bird) was published by Intervarsity Press and awarded the 2015 Outreach Magazine Leadership Resource of the Year.

In addition, he frequently speaks to and consults with pastors and ministry leaders regarding senior leadership teams, teamwork in ministry, and small-group ministry design and leadership, and writes for numerous church leadership publications including Leadership Journal, Outreach Magazine, Influence, and pastors.com.

Hartwig journeys through life with his wife Jill and four children Halle, Alia, Katelyn and Matthew. They enjoy a full family life, enjoying the mountains of Colorado, rooting for the Broncos, and hanging out with family and friends.

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