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Ronald Stites

Ronald Stites

Faculty Spotlight

Degrees and Experience
  • MBA, Finance and Accounting (Regis College)
  • BS, Chemistry (University of Kansas)
Biography and Professional Achievements

Mr. Ron Stites has over thirty-five years of business experience in technical operations, marketing, marketing research and technology development. He has worked at many organizational levels from front line supervision to CEO. He has managed technical sales and marketing operations with up to $55 million in annual revenue. He has also been involved in numerous technology-based startups as a technology leader with five US patents to his credit.

Mr. Stites has operated a business consultancy since 1996, assisting a wide variety of companies with:

  • Sales and Marketing Performance
  • Financial Performance
  • Technology Evaluation and Development
  • Responding to and Winning Large Corporate and Government RFP’s
  • Scaling of Processes (Bench to Pilot to “Semi-works”)
  • Quality and Reliability of Data and Operational Systems

Mr. Stites hold a BS Degree in Chemistry and an MBA in Finance and Accounting. He has written and presented extensively on a wide variety of topics including:

  • Evidence-based Decision Making
  • Statistical Analysis of Experimental and Survey Data for Decision Making
  • Sales and Marketing in the Technology Driven Company
  • Research and Development Management
  • Managing Scientists and Engineers
  • Reliable Sampling of Complex and Stratified Populations

In addition to his formal education in science and business, Mr. Stites has continued his education many areas of technology and business management. These include:

  • Design of Experiments Training (DoE Training) 2011
  • French – Alliance Française de Denver, 2010-2011
  • ISO 14001 Lead Auditor Training (ANSI and EARA Accredited), QSD, 1997
  • Managing Government Contracts, Educational Services Inc., 1994
  • Project Management Seminar, IT, Inc., 1992
  • Hewlett Packard RTE-6/VM Systems Manager Training, 1984
  • Group Leader Dale Carnegie Sales Advantage Course, 1995
  • Du Pont Co., “Managing Safety : Techniques that Work for Operations Managers,” November, 1990
  • Persuasive Sales for International Technology, Sales Concepts, Inc., Roswell, Georgia, 1990
  • Blog:
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