Faculty Spotlight: Sharon Luethy

Meet Sharon Luethy

Degrees and Experience
  • M.A., Curriculum and Instruction (Jones International University)
  • M.A., Intercultural Studies (Wheaton Graduate School)
  • B.S., Chemistry (Wheaton College)
Biography and Professional Achievements

Sharon Luethy began working on course development for Colorado Christian University in 2018 while teaching ESL, language arts, and science courses.

After graduation from college with a science degree, a short-term experience overseas directed her desire to teaching. Luethy returned to the United States, earned an M.A. in intercultural studies with an emphasis in TESOL and headed to Asia where she taught largely in universities and teacher-training programs for two decades. When Luethy returned to the U.S., she pursued a second M.A. to fulfill her CLD endorsement and entered the public school system.

Due to her interest in methodology, Luethy has co-authored language textbooks and written teachers' guides. Her research focus has been on the connection between cognition and second language acquisition.

Luethy passionately believes in equipping and supporting students as they make a difference in their world.


Mongolian Language Textbooks:

  • "Sain Baina uu?" Books One, Two and Three.
  • "Teacher’s Guides for Sain Baina uu?" Books One, Two and Three