CCU Spotlights

Brad Kohlman '14

Brad Kohlman '14

Bachelor of Arts -  Elementary Education

Hometown: Lakewood, Colorado

Why CCU?

I choose CCU out of faith; I applied and allowed God's will to take over, and He faithfully came through and allowed me to be here.

My favorite thing about CCU is the community -- in 1 Corinthians 12, it talks about the Body of Christ, and I have experienced the real meaning behind this scripture while being at CCU. When I am not feeling connected, I have people who remind me of this truth. Also, as a commuter student, when I hang out with other commuter students, I feel like I am meant to be here.

My favorite place in Colorado is the Mountains. I especially enjoyed the time when we went up to Buena Vista, Colorado, to Frontier Ranch for the New Student Retreat. I enjoyed this because it reminds me of God's beautiful creation and the overall plan of living together in community with one another.

I have been able to grow a lot spiritually while here at CCU, and one of the ways I have been able to grow is in my understanding of God's love. He designed each of us individually to show this to His people. 

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