CCU Spotlights

Benjamin Ledbetter '16

Benjamin Ledbetter '16

Bachelor of Arts -  Youth Ministry

Hometown: Jacksonville, Florida

Why CCU?

It is the only school in the Rockies that is a true Christian school. I was given the opportunity to further my relationship with Christ in one of the most beautiful places in the nation. CCU provides a faith-based education that does not lack in real world application of its majors. The small class sizes, and professors that care about you as a student and as a fellow member of the body of Christ, provide a learning environment that is hard to match.

Also, don’t let the small campus fool you; there is always something to do here whether it’s on campus or not. Having downtown Denver 15 minutes east and having the mountains 15 minutes west gives students here plenty to do during our three day weekends. Did I mention we don’t have school on Friday? These things are just a few of the many reasons why I love CCU. I hope your college decision is based in prayer and you follow God’s call for you—CCU or not. Hope to see you next fall!

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