Colorado Christian University
Cameron Koutney

Cameron Koutney

Student Spotlight

Why CCU?

CCU was always my dream school, but it was out of state and not very close to home. I remember visiting the school February of my senior year of high school and sitting in Chapel with my dad and both of us just crying because we both knew that this is where I was supposed to be in the fall. I knew that taking this leap of faith was going to be sweet but scary at the same time, but I knew that God would provide in every which way, and He did.

My time at CCU has been such a blessing as I have met the most incredible people who love me so well, and share the light of the Lord in remarkable ways. The transition from high school to college was hard at first, but definitely the challenge I needed in order to grow. Through participation in campus organizations I have been able to use my creative ability, become more confident, and been more involved with the CCU community.