Colorado Christian University
Kira Pahlau

Kira Pahlau

Student Spotlight

Why CCU?

I chose CCU because I value the integration of faith and learning and I want to be able to further my math skills in order to advance God's kingdom. I think that the engineering program is a great opportunity to do this and learn how to help people through the tool of math and engineering. I heard about CCU from my mom, who teaches Communication classes at CCU (Professor Pahlau). My two older siblings Luke and Kendall also graduated from CCU.

I have loved my CCU experience! I was a D-group leader my sophomore year and I am currently an RA of upperclassmen girls. The community has always been a special part of CCU and I have loved being able to see how much growth happens in college and being able to encourage that in different leadership positions on campus. 

I hope to get real-world engineering experience after college and be able to apply my knowledge to real life problems. Last summer I worked as a space intern at Lockheed Martin and I hope to continue that experience and then eventually be able to teach secondary education math classes.