Colorado Christian University
Jacob Baldwin

Jacob Baldwin

Student Spotlight

Why I chose CCU

When I was doing my college search, my older brother was a student at CCU. He would routinely ask me where I wanted to go and I would tell him one of the large state schools on my list. He would politely listen while I talked about all the reasons I wanted to go to a particular college. After I would get done talking he would say, “That’s cool, but I’m not going to let you go anywhere other than CCU.” I came out to visit him and learned why he wasn’t joking. CCU is different.

I came to CCU because of the location, the great professors, the small class sizes, the kind people, and most importantly, the way CCU pushes me to pursue the Lord. The students and staff of this University chase after Jesus together, with a passion that I had never seen before. They are committed to serving the Lord in everything. What makes this even better, is that they have fun doing it! The time I have spent here has been some of the best of my life. I have become a better man and a more effective member of the Christian community because of CCU. I love this University, and I can’t imagine myself anywhere else.