CCU Spotlights

Trevan Dick '16

Trevan Dick '16

Bachelor of Science -  Business Administration

Hometown: Holdrege, Nebraska

Why CCU?

Coming from a small farming community in rural Nebraska, the majority of my friends chose to go to college in-state. But I didn’t want to be like everyone else—I wanted something different. And then a family friend introduced me to CCU and told me about his experience here as a student. Intrigued, I wanted to know more, so I came to campus for a visit. After that, I was sold.

At CCU, I’m getting a solid academic foundation, just like I would at a state school, but I’m also being mentored by my professors, trained in leadership, and challenged to incorporate my faith into everything I do. Plus, I get to live in colorful Colorado, where I can go snowboarding almost every weekend! When it came down to choosing a college, I wanted something different. And I found it at CCU—a solid community of faith-based academics in an unparalleled location—the best of both worlds.

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