CCU Spotlights

Victoria Arcos '15

Victoria Arcos '15

Bachelor of Arts -  Special Education

Hometown: Houston, Texas

Why CCU?

It can be both very exciting and very overwhelming to look at a school far from home. But, after making the big move to Colorado, it didn’t take long to learn that it was definitely what the Lord had planned for me. CCU has given me the opportunity to grow in my faith, my relationships, and my academics. Every day I learn more about who I am and who God has created me to be.

Also, in my time here so far, I have found that I have a desire for adventure and a need for solitude—and what better way to satisfy both of those than living amongst Creation, itself? With the mountains just 15 minutes west and Denver 15 minutes east, there is never a dull moment. I hope that after much thoughful prayer and consideration, you would join me at CCU and allow all of us here to be part of the next big thing in your life.

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