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Training in Evangelism and Applied Apologetics

Training in Evangelism and Applied Apologetics


Equipping Believers

The vision of the Lee Strobel Center for Evangelism and Applied Apologetics is to equip Christian leaders, laity, and students in practical apologetics and effective evangelism so they become stronger salt and brighter light in our increasingly resistant world — and so they can then, in turn, equip countless others to do the same.

Applied in Approach. Students are trained to be practitioners and defenders of the faith. The ultimate goal is for graduates to deploy their knowledge and training in a manner that is at once competent, confident, grace-filled, and committed to the ideals of kingdom advancement.

Secure in Doctrine. The Center's curriculum is anchored to the timeless truths of Scripture and the core doctrines of the faith that define orthodox Christianity.

Excellent in Academic Quality. The Center's leadership, faculty, subject matter experts, designers, and editors are committed to both classical and cutting-edge teaching methods. Program courses are designed to be properly rigorous, provide superb content, and taught to specific planned and attainable outcomes.

Areas of Study

Practical Apologetics

Because most of life happens outside of the church and classroom, this program provides individuals with a solid grounding in apologetics with application in the real world as its principal objective. The program moves beyond simply providing answers to developing strategies for creating hope through a reasoned presentation and defense of the gospel.

Global Apologetics

With worldwide internet access, a globalized economy, and over four billion adherents to major world religions living in virtually every nation, the conceptions of truth are many. This program provides an understanding of the principal religious beliefs and worldviews found around the globe. The primary goal of this program is to teach students how to engage and skillfully address the inherent errors in each major belief system, with the aim of lovingly leading the people within those systems to the truth of the gospel.

Cultural Engagement

This program not only provides knowledge and strategies for articulating beliefs and offering biblical responses to important cultural issues, but it also provides real-world opportunities to respond to the most commonly held cultural beliefs. As the name of this program implies, students will practice engaging the culture with the truth of the gospel through the lens of the Christian worldview.

Innovative Evangelism

The message of the church never changes, but the culture we're called to work within never stops changing. That's why we must follow Paul's example to "become all things to all people ... for the sake of the gospel." This program is designed to foster evangelistic passion, and then to harness it into strategic and creative approaches that will reach non-Christians with the biblical gospel in fresh ways. The end goal is not only to learn and model innovative evangelism, but to be able to lead whole ministries to do the same.

Lee Strobel speaking at a lecture


The Lee Strobel Center for Evangelism and Applied Apologetics is distinctive in the educational world in three primary ways.

The Center is outwardly focused rather than inwardly focused. Instead of basing courses solely on the traditional pedagogical model of textbook/article readings, classroom discussions, paper-writing, and objective/subjective assessment, the Center seeks to broaden the experience of students to real-life applications of their faith. Through a combination of exercises and projects that encourage external cultural interactions, the Center purposes to break down the walls between the academy and society in order to engender a 360-degree view of apologetics and evangelism.

The Center is practical in its orientation. The imperative that undergirds 1 Peter 3:15 goes beyond scholarly abstraction or mere "head knowledge." The Center’s approach will be intentionally applied in nature. Apologetics should be in the service of real-life evangelism. Our goal is to prepare students not just to win arguments, but to win people to Jesus. For this reason, students will explore a wide range of ministry strategies and various creative methodologies in their preparation to be difference-makers for the sake of the Gospel.

The Center is a training ground for innovative evangelism. In a culture that is increasingly skeptical — and even hostile — toward Christian beliefs, the Center will prepare students to serve in strategic ways through ministries and churches in order to bring the Good News of Christ to a hurting and confused world. The Center will equip people to serve as effective evangelism leaders in a variety of ministry settings, including non-traditional ones such as crisis missions, digital outreach, small group evangelism, and various cultural, political, and scientific environments. The Center will seek to stimulate the imagination and passion of students in order to unleash their God-given calling to reach our nation — and beyond — with the gospel.

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