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    You don't need to be a top-notch athlete to enjoy the thrill of competition at Colorado Christian University. The Intramural Sports Program is designed to complement the academic programs of the University by encouraging the physical, social, intellectual, and spiritual development of the CCU community.

    CCU’s intramural sports are student-run and are coordinated by the Student Activities Department. The goal of Intramurals is to provide a fun, inclusive, and healthy environment where the CCU community can exercise, compete, enhance sportsmanship and character, and have fun while playing sports.

    Throughout the year, all students are invited to compete in a variety of sports. Students play with their stairwells or floors and points are awarded to the stairwell/floor teams. You can rack up points for competition (games won, playoff standings, etc.), good sportsmanship, and participation (percentage of stairwells/buildings attending events).

    Off-campus students are encouraged to play as well and are permitted to enter teams for any sport and/or activity. Both men’s and women’s competition is available for all sports, activities, and tournaments.

    Current Students: To register as a player, sign up for a sport, or check results visit IMLeagues.com – if you have any questions regarding an intramural sport please contact ccuintramurals@ccu.edu.

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