• Technology on Campus


    Student Laptop requirements:

    • Able to access a wireless network.
    • Capable of utilizing one of the following Microsoft Office versions: 2016 (PC), 2013 (PC), 2016 (Mac), 2011 (Mac).
      *All students receive access to Microsoft Office 365, which includes a free download and installation of Office 2016 for Mac and PC.
    • Able to access Blackboard, our online Course Management System. Blackboard is accessible via Firefox, Chrome, and Safari (Firefox and Chrome are preferred) browsers. Internet Explorer and Edge are NOT supported by Blackboard.
    • Antivirus software that is actively receiving updates.
    • Data backup is a vital habit for business professionals. Your data should always be stored in more than one place in case of device failure, damage or accidental deletion. All students should have a solution for backing up important files. Options include cloud based services (Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, etc.), external devices (USB hard drive, thumb drive, etc.) or a combination of the two (recommended).

    Keeping CCU Connected

    CCU's Information Systems and Technology group strives to keep the University on the cutting edge of technology while providing top notch customer service. Here are just some of the great services we offer:

    High Speed Internet Access

    The University is directly connected to the Internet by a major fiber optic network that services the Denver metro area.

    100% Coverage Wireless Network

    The wireless network is available at all locations at each of CCU's locations. The Lakewood Main Campus boasts the latest wireless technology, 802.11n and also provides 802.11a/b/g. All other CCU locations offer 802.11b/g connectivity.

    E-mail service through Google

    CCU has partnered with Google to make use of the Google Apps for Education services. This offers students access to 6.5 gigabyte e-mail box, calendaring, and a variety of collaborative online applications such as word processing, spreadsheets and presentation software.

    Computer labs and public workstations

    The University provides several computer labs, all of which are on a three year replacement cycle, ensuring you won't be stuck on a hopelessly outdated computer. On the Lakewood campus computer labs are located in the Cedar Center, the Library, the Beckman Center, the Music Center and the 24 Hour Lab located in Harwood Hall. Additionally, walk up public use workstations are located in the Beckman Center, the Dining Commons and the Student Union. Computer labs are also located at the Colorado Springs Center, Denver Metro Center, Grand Junction Center, and Loveland Center.

    All classrooms are technology enabled

    Each classroom at CCU is equipped with a Computer, DVD/VCR, sound system and overhead digital projector. Science labs also included document cameras for showing live experiments on the overhead projector. All of the technology in the classrooms are frequently used by faculty and are available to students for in class presentations as well.

    Technical Support for student computers

    CCU technicians are available to help each student connect to the CCU network. In addition, students can bring their computers to Technical Support for a free analysis and consultation on antivirus and antispyware solutions. If additional repair or a rebuild is required services are offered at prices significantly lower than the going market rate.

    Microsoft Office 365

    All CCU students are eligible to receive a free download of Microsoft Office 365 for Mac and PC during their time of enrollment.