Colorado Christian University
People hiking in the mountains


Welcome to the Rocky Mountains!

We hope you are ready for an adventure because the Outdoor Leadership Program is proud to present BOUNDLESS, a week-long freshman orientation trip that will take students on a variety of outdoor experiences.

Helping students fall in love with God, Colorado, and CCU.

We realize that starting college is a brand new experience for many. It is also a time when students struggle with identifying who they are and who God is to them. It is easy for students to fall victim to the flashy things in life that promise attention but fail to follow through, leaving them empty and searching for more. On our week-long trips, we hope that new CCU students not only connect with others and make amazing memories in the backcountry, but are encouraged to discover who they are and who God calls them to be.

While some athletic ability is helpful, no prior outdoor experience is required to go on these trips. This is a great opportunity to be introduced to the beauty of the backcountry!

Cost: $250

The Trip:

3-Day Backpacking trip: Students will escape the busy Denver-Metro area and be guided through a portion of the vast Rocky Mountains. Students will learn the basics of backpacking, how to cook in the backcountry, and have time to be alone with God, soaking up the beautiful landscape he has given us. Some of the gear, like backpacks, tents, and food will be provided. Students will be responsible for bringing their own clothing, capable footwear, medications, and other miscellaneous gear that is on the packing list you get when you sign up.

White Water Rafting: We are proud to be working with Noah's Ark Whitewater Rafting in Buena Vista to take us on an epic day of whitewater rafting down the Arkansas River.

Day of Rock Climbing: Rock climbing is a major sport for the residents of Colorado. With hundreds of crags(climbing areas) dotted throughout the state, we are excited to share activity with you! Our guides will take the group to a spot that will accommodate all experience levels of climbing!

Spiritual and Personal Takeaways:

When you take a close look at the bible, many of the major players found time for rest and retreat in the wilderness. Jesus fasted for 40 days in the wilderness, the Israelites were tested and purified by the Lord for forty years. Elijah and Elisha found refuge in the wilderness many times. There is a spiritual element to the great outdoors, and the Outdoor Leadership Program is dedicated to helping students utilize it to grow the kingdom.

We recognize your time at CCU is more than getting a degree. Part of being here is to learn more about yourself. Questions like “Who am I?” and “Who did God create me to be?” come in many forms. Before all the social events kick off and the homework piles up, we want students to have some time of reflection with God, and ask them questions that will stimulate introspective thinking about their relationship with God, the people around them, and themselves.